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    You really should not post the same thing in multiple sections of the forums, as it makes it difficult to keep all the replies in one thread.
    Thus people, including yourself, are forced to check multiple threads instead of one for answers. It's also a bit annoying to have to keep track multiple threads.
    Also, if someone comes upon one of the threads later searching for the same answer you are, they might not find it in its entirety. They might find one thread and see no answer in it, then skip the other two thinking it's the same one.

    Anyway, given you've posted it three times here, hopefully you've posted the same thing on the Cubase forums? That would seem the best place to get an answer to automation in Cubase.
    I don't use Cubase, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with the Virus or Cubase. When I tried this in Reaper, the mod matrix slots could not be automated. I suspect that may be a limitation of the Virus.

    However, if you make your source slot one of the controls, e.g. Control 09, give the oscillator pitch destination slot a non-zero value, and set one of the Soft Knobs destination to that control, you can automate the soft knob. I'm not sure if that will do exactly what you want, but I kind of suspect it's the closest you'll get.

    I was in the same boat like 3 and a half years ago... I'm probably not the only one wondering if Access will ever release another synth at this point. :)
    Seriously though, if they're not doing anything for another year or two or more, they might want to announce it so people don't worry about that when considering buying.

    This may not be the best place to ask this, but apparently my google skills aren't up to snuff as I keep finding pages telling how to use different soundfonts libraries and stuff, which I don't think is probably the answer to this question.

    I believe these were done with General MIDI on old sound cards, but it sounds way better than what I'm used to hearing from such. Anyone know how would one go about getting these kinds of results?

    You will probably have better luck getting an answer if you give a little more information on your setup:

    - which operating system are you using on the computer
    - have you installed the Virus software (and which version)
    - which Virus are you using
    - is the Virus connected to the computer through USB
    - are your speakers/headphones connected to an audio out of the Virus
    - is it only sounds from the Internet that don't play, or does no computer audio play

    I'll make the assumption that you're using a modern version of Windows, and ask if you have set the Virus to be your playback device?
    Right-click on the volume control in the system tray and select "Playback Devices". The Virus will hopefully appear there.
    If so, right-click on the Virus and select "Set as Default Device".

    Other than that, I'm not sure what else it would be, unless you haven't done one of the things in the list above, but with more information, maybe someone else will know.

    This would definitely be handy, not sure on the implementation details though.
    For instance, they can't put another button on the Virus, so how should one select between Shift and Shift-Lock? There's a bunch of ways, e.g. hold Shift for a few seconds, or tap it twice quick, or while holding some other button, etc., I'm just wondering if there's a really good way to do it.

    These questions mostly come down to workflow, in that some people prefer to use the plugin and some do not.

    1. I would use the Search button on the Virus, then select the type of catagory I wanted to find, and start cycling through patches.
    2. I use the Store button on the Virus. I don't find it tedious at all... then again, I never name my patches, so I have a few hundred -INIT- patches. Unless you're using the plugin, you have to save in the RAM banks.
    3. Yeah, you have two panes for patch selection in the plugin. You should open the RAM bank you want to copy to in one pane, and the one with the preset in the other pane, and drag the preset to the place you want it in RAM. At least, I think that's how it works, I don't use the plugin that much and I'm not near my Virus.
    4/5. I'm not much of a preset user, so somebody else will have to help you on those. My advice would be to make use of 3 and copy any preset you like to a place you'll know to find it. Either that or I guess you could keep a notebook or something?

    I actually thought you'd be asking for a feature to prevent accidentally overwriting patch files, not drm type functionality, but anyway...
    To the best of my knowledge, the patch files are just midi files, which I've never heard of having copy protection, so I'd say you're out of luck there... I could be mistaken on both accounts, however.

    I'm not certain, but I think flabberbob may have meant that it depends on if it's a Virus B, TI, TI2, Snow, etc.?
    Edit: Not that all of those necessarily have wooden side panels, but you get the point.

    Not sure if this holds true for the original TI, but at least on the TI2 (edit: in Single Mode) you can hit Shift-Parameter to switch between fields in menu pages instead of entire pages as Parameter does.
    That may have been obvious, but I didn't notice it until I searched for a way to make a field active without changing it.

    As far as I'm aware, different batches of Virus TI shipped with different arrangements of soundbanks/patches, so there isn't much point in trying to reset that to factory in that regard.
    Like others have said, there are many soundbanks available on the Virus website; you may as well download them all.
    Try them out and burn the ones you like to ROM.

    Dont mean to piss on your parade however the Virus has a unique sound because it comes from hardware. I don't use it over USB however so its possible this is while I experience it this way. I use traditional methods of recording the synth into my DAW when it comes time to print the audio. To me I love the sound coming from the outputs through my gear. I also like the fact it has its own dedicated DSP = Awesome

    Yes, it's amazing what a difference there is between the USB and the analog outs. It's as if it's an entirely different synthesizer. I'm somewhat surprised, really, that Access added the USB feature, because it really makes the Virus not sound like a Virus at all.

    To tell the truth, I only recently discovered for myself what a difference it makes.

    I was collaborating with some friends (guitarists, but otherwise good guys) a few weeks ago, and sent them a few tracks, some of which had been recorded through the USB output, and some through the analog, as I was trying out different workflows. Needless to say, I was really surprised when my friends asked me why some tracks sounded so different! I didn't expect to hear anything like that, especially given the general busyness of the music, but they pinned this right out without me even mentioning what I'd done!

    What they actually asked me was if I had gotten some new synthesizer or if I were perhaps using some cheap VST plugin, and suggested I should just stick to using the Virus, because hardware beats software and analog beats digital, even if the hardware is running software and the analog is a conversion of a digital signal.

    At first I was a little offended that these guitarists, that know nothing of synthesis or sound design, were telling me what to do, but you know what? I did a little A-B testing, and I was astonished at the difference, it was truly night and day.

    In the end, I rerecorded it all with the analog outs, and it really does sound amazingly better.

    Afterward, we had what I can say was a very enlightening discussion about tube amps vs solid state amps and how the old analog effects pedals are still better than all the digital stuff being pushed on guitarists nowadays. I must confess, it sounds like they are having a really rough time of it, and I can only say that I am glad that I play synthesizers and don't have to deal with manufacturers trying to trick me into buying products that attempt to emulate the real sound of the hardware of yesteryear via software and other cheap tricks.

    If the Virus had some kind of a motion sensor on its MB it could have been used to make a spring reverb produce its typical ring when the Virus is shaken ;)

    I can only imagine somebody trying to shake the Virus while it's mounted in a rack though, it'd be like watching somebody trying to nudge a pinball machine or get candy out of a thieving vending machine.
    I have the feeling we'd see a whole new class of music-related injuries. The Virus, of course, would be unharmed. :)

    Perhaps try setting up either 1% Constant or 10% Constant to control the pitch, and then set Random to control that destination?
    If I understand correctly, that would reduce the influence of the Random source to that % of what it normally is - I could be mistaken in that though.

    If I understand the issue you're describing, I think you could add a slight bit of a buffer to the start of your song, effectively, start recording at measure 1, but start playing at measure 2,and everything would be in sync.
    Not sure if there's a better way to solve the issue than that, would like to know if there is.