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    Come on, join in the fun. What do you think it could mean?

    It doesn't look like the OP is going to tell us so we may as well speculate a little…

    No harm intended, I was only kidding. To be honest though, I knew exactly what it meant, maybe it is a western world thing, but anytime the term reboxed comes up, it means it has been previously unboxed, used, then packaged back up for sale, it is no longer factory sealed like a brand new untouched one would be. Why it was opened and how it was used is the real question to determine its value on resale.

    Thanks Marc. Partially is better than nothing. I am grateful effort was put in at all and at least something came of it. When I found some solid time to sit down and play around I will surely give things a try and see how they fare. I will let you know of my findings. Thank you.

    Thanks for this Marc.

    I see mention of crackling being fixed with certain patches. Does this have to do with all the complaints certain users have been having with VC crackling, or is this something else? Is this crackling issue 100% solved now or is there still work to be done?

    Thanks again.

    Woah! Very cool indeed. I never actually did use the other version you posted directions for due to the convoluted nature in getting it working, I just gave up on using the Virus and have been putting all my time in Halion 4 for the past month. I will surely give this new version a checking out however as it may just bring me back to Virus land.


    Thanks you for taking the time to create such a comprehensive reply. However, the crackling that is being discussed in this thread has been confirmed by Access support on a TI2 and a Mac and relates to either resource shortages (on the part of the Virus) or something else yet to be determined. The biggest point to note is that users are getting crackles when running Virus Control that do not happen in stand alone and that these crackles are not (necessarily) related to compatibility issues.

    ... or being resource intensive.

    thanks for taking the time!

    Not a problem at all, it is the least I can do and I should have taken the 5 mins to do it earlier. Getting to the bottom of this problem is a huge priority to me. I simply cannot use the Virus without VC so it has been sitting here for weeks completely powered off. I am hoping for something to arise here in terms of a solution.

    any news on the names?

    thanks, marc

    Hi Marc, sorry for the delay, working 60h weeks here at the moment.

    I just loaded up two projects which I know contain crackling with patches using Virus Control.

    One project contains the following:

    a modification of DeadlySubM as well as Zeno Edge (this may be from a third party patch pack that I saved into the Virus).

    Another project contains the following:

    MinorityHS and Aggress07. I know MinorityHS does it badly if you leave it looping long enough.

    I find you can bring the crackles out more by playing with the cutoff of the filters while the patch is playing back, but all the above crackle for me, many others as well, however all in Virus Control only and not in standalone.

    I hope this helps you track down the issue at hand.

    do you have other patches (the two mentioned aside) which show the behavior you're describing? maybe we just need more to see the pattern ...

    I will get you the names of a few tomorrow as I have 3 patches in one project which all crackle in VC but not in standalone. One is a hand made sub patch, the others are slightly tweaked factory default patches.

    Thanks for looking into this.

    from what we can see, the crackling is caused by a very specific combination of parameters within both patches (eventually among others). the computer/USB/VC configuration has nothing to do with it.
    best, marc

    let's put it like that: the patches in question do crackle when i use the virus stand alone. do you have different findings?

    This sounds great and all, however, for me, I only ever get crackles in VC. Same patches that crackle there are totally fine in standalone, in fact, I don't think I have ever heard crackles in standalone mode. VC is a whole other nightmare however.

    If you have some fixes in the pipeline to remedy whatever you have found crackle wise, I am all for it.

    I have all but given up on VC as well due to the crackling issue. I have recently picked up Halion 4 and though a long ways away from the Virus, it is extremely capable and I am thoroughly enjoying using it. My Virus hasn't been turned on in weeks and the thought of getting a good chunk of coin for its sale is definitely tempting.

    This is awesome, thanks Marc. I watched the PWM video this morning and just about everything mentioned was very informative. Who knew you could so so much with a PWM OSC? I look VERY forward to future videos. Keep up the great work!


    I do appreciate this greatly. It is far more convoluted than I thought, I never would have figured this out. I hope to get to trying it out later today. I am very glad to hear you are working further on this too. A future update which allows patch loading upon project start up sounds incredible. If you could get across the limitation in how one connects to the Virus Ti Synth that would be icing on the cake. Keep up the great work!