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    hi there

    So I've given up on VC. Worked with Jorg for over 2 weeks and it doesn't work for me on my system properly. Arps don't sync. Shame but I am now moving on as they say..

    I have now spent a fair while today trying to set up the virus as a multi timbral external instrument in Logic. Just using midi cables {not VC over USB} the arps do sync, so that's what I want to get working.

    So I'm in Sequencer mode where the parts 1-16 correspond to the midi channels 1-16

    Using Logic 9.1.8.

    I make a new instrument in the environment, set it to the Virus port on my midi interface, set to midi channel 1. Play a part, mute, solo all working fine etc.

    I make another new instrument in the environment, as above but set to midi channel 2.

    Parts 1 and 2 on midi channels 1 and 2 play the corresponding sounds I have set up in the Virus in multimode. Great.

    However, when I unmute one sound in Logic both play, when I solo one both play as solo'd. There's no independent control of the channels.

    Anyone got any ideas please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    cheers, Simon

    Jorg is investigating Logic set up preferences etc and has a project of mine that demonstrates the issues.

    I think having bought an A&H Zed R-16 so I can use the physical outputs from the Virus to alleviate the USB load this is the last throw of the dice to get it all working with VC.

    Having ignored the Virus for a good few months having got sick of the timing issues I am now mentally prepared to just use it with standard midi cables.

    I'll report back, guess Access crew are off to NAMM now?

    Ok, loaded up the Ti this afternoon and have spent a little while trying to get it set up with Logic 9.1.8 and the new iMac.

    The new iMacs have 4 x USB 3 slots. I use an iLok for plugin authorisation and there was a message saying the virus and the ilok may cause issues. The way round this appeared to be using a Belkin hub. No chnage in the USB slot for the Virus but using the hub on the same slot meant I no longer got the warning message.

    Everything loaded up ok on to the iMac.

    Seems stable.

    Arps synch ok [ tip - don't use channel 1 for arps]

    So far so cautiously good.


    As above, I have a new 27" iMac coming in Jan 2013.

    I wondered if anyone at Access has been able to test whether they work ok with the Virus Ti?

    iMac has 4 x USB3 ports whereas my MBP has 2 x USB2 so I hope the extra number of ports will help my set up with 7 USB devices to hook up.

    cheers, Simon

    Fantastic, thanks very much for your reply Bob.

    I've luckily ended up with these sounds once or twice but then theres that saying about monkeys, typewriters and Shakespeare given long enough..

    Any starter guides anywhere that you may know of?

    Thanks again, wanted to do this for about 30 years


    Hi there

    Please excuse the beginners questions here.

    When I bought my virus I recall watching a vid or listening to a sound clip on the access site somewhere of a sort of modular sounding sequence of evolving bleeps (sorry not sure how to describe it!)

    This was to show how the virus can recreate the more sort of 70s experimental analogue sounding evolving textures. Can anyone point me to something or would behind enough to explain how I could go about programming that kind of thing?

    I guess it's a sequenced loop, but with a shifting timing to it and things being modulated. Mod matrix is something I have yet to grasp.

    Many thanks

    Cheers Simon

    Depending on what you intend to do with the MIDI out from the Moog there's a couple of options for you.

    First of all I'd suggest going to the environment & in the click & ports layer create a new monitor object & drag a cable from the port that the Moog MIDI Out is connected to into it - this will create a dead end for the MIDI signals so they won't affect your Virus any more.

    Then you might want to connect that monitor directly to your Moog track in the arrange window, you would do that by option-clicking the monitor out & selecting the correct track from the drop down. Now it won't matter what track you have selected in the arrange window the Moog will only transmit to it's own track.

    That's really helpful thank you.

    Thank you for the reply.

    Hmm, the Virus is on it's own physical USB connection/hub from the MBP.

    The Moog and Mopho are on the other USB connection/hub.

    Everything is USB connected for the Midi transmission so I'm talking virtual ports here in the environment.

    As the Virus is a plug in, and not an external instrument, I don't think you can create a separate port for it.

    I don't want to add any more physical ports as I feel there must be a way to set the Virus up on it's own port virtually to keep it separate.


    I recently acquired a couple of new midi hardware synths, a Moog and Mopho.

    I have set them up as external instruments in Logic on midi channels 1 & 2 using their own individual ports.

    The thing that seems to be happening is that program change messages and filter changes etc are being transmitted from the Moog to the Virus.

    This would appear to be because if you create the Virus as a multi-timbral software instrument it has midi channels 1-16. So there is the Moog and the Virus both on midi channel 1.

    Anyone know what I should be doing here please to avoid this conflict? It's been a decade since I had anything to do with external stuff and it feels like first day at school all over again!

    Many thanks

    cheers, Simon