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    I'm not sure how to pinpoint the cause of the problem, so I thought I'd post here as I've had good feedback in the past.

    The problem:

    I just upgraded my computer, went 64bit (Win 7), and so did my Virus Ti (running the latest stable release). I've been having an odd problem in Ableton 8, whenever I trigger a note the sound comes through but cuts off real quick, like there is no release on it. The note will sound properly only once out of every....10-20ish trys.

    This is only with my virus, I use reason rewired into ableton and it doesn't do it there. My midi keyboard is an Axiom 49.

    Any thoughts or help would be much much appreciated :)

    So I have been holding off updating from 3.1 to 4 since it came out. Well I updated, absolutely loved the new features!!! But then, as I expected the problems started flooding in.

    I use XP SP3. Ableton Live 8.0.4. My virusTI 3.1OS and mbox 2. P4 3.2 with 2gb of RAM.

    1. Arp hold wasn't working when I was using the A01 100 MM Preset in the new os4 preset list.

    2. Have noticed that VC work flow in general is a lot more sluggish.

    3. The major one: Had been working fine with OS4 for a bit, then ableton crashed. I try to reopen it, and it says ableton has had a serious error and has to close. Same with other song saves too. So I restarted my computer, and it runs ok. But only in all my other songs. Not the one I had been working in, same problem occurs. Now I know this doesn't say much in terms of specifics, but this is all I know/can find out.

    So to fix, I uninstalled Ableton and Virus control. Reinstall newer ableton (8.1.1) and rolled back my firmware to ok now. Bugger!! I loved OS4....

    Anyone have a similar experience? Know of any alternate fixes?