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    I really love the snap mode, but it would be nice if in snap mode, the caracter selection when you name a patch would react like in jump mode. I am always in snap mode and does a lot of sound design in stand alone, and i need everytime to go in jump mode before naming a patch because it's really faster.

    Thanks !

    It's the same saw as the classic saw oscillator. The only reason that it looks like the minimoog saw is because by defaut there is a little bit of analog boost. Take analog boost intensity to 0% and you're back with a 100% digital saw with the classic or octavius oscillator.

    Hello !

    Here are some idea of features (some of which where in the virus C)

    - Aux buses : they were here in the C, but disappeared in TI : make it back !

    - Surround routing : in virus C, it was possible to have the sound in the master output, and the delay or reverb in the surround output !

    - Categories : a new one called "Stab" would be great ! or why not propose 2-3 custom named categories !

    Thanks !

    Hello guys ! :)

    One feature i'm definitively looking for is audio rate LFOs ! (and/or oscillators available as mod sources in the matrix).

    One way to implement this and keep the compatibility with older patches would be an option in the LFO section : "Range : Normal / Wide" with the first one beeing like it was always, and the second one beeing LFO rate from slow to 1-5 Khz ! It would allow some crazy stuff, AM modulations ... !

    Thanks for reading ;)