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    Now, before trying to use the VST inside my DAW, I wanted to toy with the stand-alone and start programming patches. The problem is, all the standalone application (Virus Control Center) does is maintenance and I only get three options: backup and restore, burn to flash rom and OS updater.

    Am I missing something? There is no OS 4 manual that I could find on this site.

    Hi... first of all - Welcome

    Virus Control Center is only for Backing up/Restoring/Burning patches to ROM or OS updates... you are correct!

    If you want to use the software editor, this must be done within a DAW via the plugin. Documentation can be found via the plugin by pressing the "?" at the bottom right of the plugin window...

    Have fun :thumbup:

    I have found something very odd about the Virus Control Centre v4.0.0.18

    When using "Burn to Flash ROM" I cannot load a Patch Bank properly that is not 2 folders deep in my patch library!

    If I load a Patch Bank that is less than 2 folders deep in my patch library - a different file name appears - which does not relate to any of my Patch Bank names - let alone the one that I selected!

    I discovered this when trying to dump the new OS4 patches to my TI Keyboard... thought I was going mad! :evil:


    Just after going back to v3.3.4.0, I saw that there was another Mac Installer, located in Private Beta Versions - no idea if it's any different so grabbed it anyway - installed it - rebooted and now it all works as it should now!

    Go Figure :D

    So my previous issues seem to be "null and void" now... apart from the discrepancy in the manual with the 16 Part slots layout and colouring

    Time to play :thumbup:

    Anybody having luck running VCC in Logic 9.1?... Not recognised in AU manager although AU's installed in components folder.... tried uninstall/reinstall... same.... hmmmmmmm

    Yes - see above for my last post and sig!

    Are you running Logic in 32 or 64 Bit?

    I wouldn't bother with this release yet - too buggy in my opinion... :whistling:

    The new features are great BUT

    I'm back on v3.3.4.0 until it gets fixed ;)

    A few bugs here...

    The Virus Control window does not look the same as that in the new manual addendum - the left hand side (the 16 patch slots) still looks like the previous version - not dark with the different layout

    When recalling the new patches for OS4 - I have noticed that many of the recalled soft knob positions do not reflect the patch settings ?( AND - the hardware soft knobs on my TI Keyboard do NOTHING now (with Virus Control) X(

    + I cannot change patches from my TI Keyboard whilst Virus Control is running either!

    Otherwise - so far, so good :D

    EDIT: Hmmm... back to v3.3.4.0 for me - BUGGER :thumbdown:

    No paid updates for me thanks!

    It has taken over 2 years for me to be able to use this beast reliably (since the recent Beta - Mac OS 10.5.8 & 10.6.2, Logic Pro 8 and 9) ie. it has been sitting in the corner of my studio for the majority of this period - doing squat! An expensive piece of furniture...

    I have been so close to getting rid of my TI keyboard due to sync issues, quantising issues, bad timing with arps and envs which were not triggering consistently, notes dropping out etc... it has been a total nightmare in my opinion - and totally unusable! I couldn't/wouldn't use it Live and I am certainly still very hesitant in doing so. A project that I sent to Access over 2 years ago has only become reliably playable since this particular recent Beta release.

    So having to wait for over 2 years for these issues to get sorted means that I certainly won't be paying for any future updates. Until Beta, it has been a total white elephant IMHO - certainly not "Total Integration" which was the exact purpose that I purchased it... thankfully I have never needed to use it as my system audio device.

    I believe that Access have done themselves some irreparable damage with the release of the TI - even though it's potential is fantastic - just a shame that "Total Integration" has been anything but... Certainly, IMO, misrepresentation by Access with their advertising material and promises... I believe they still owe their TI customers free, unlimited future support because of all of the issues we have been living with for a very long time.

    But now, over 2 years later, I am starting to feel more comfortable with my TI being able to do what it's meant to. Fingers crossed!!!

    Anyway - Happy New Year

    Thanks Access... finally a version that actually works as expected with my problematic projects! Arps/Envs start on time and in phase, quantised notes sound quantised! Sounds much tighter! It's only taken 2 years... ;)

    Now it's time to start using my TI again...