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    The wait is getting ridiculous. It shouldn't take years to update a plugin. If they stop supporting it, then they should release an official statement.

    If they release an official statement, it will be difficult for them to continue selling the unit at full price. As more people upgrade their computers, they are going to get hounded by more complaints.

    I hope they at least release some sort of patch manager if they can't figure out how to get the plugin working with the new OS's and yeah some sort of official communication would be nice.

    Hi guys,

    I recently had to move my TI2 Polar (6 years old) to a new location and I'm not sure if the Mod Wheel got damaged in the process. I had not used my Virus in a while, so really not sure if this developed over time or was during transit.

    Issue: The mod wheel sends erratic messages and flickers up & down (in software) when set between 0 - 126. At 127 it stays constant, but in all other positions it moves values on it's own. I'm guessing something's wrong with the potentiometer. I've disabled the mod wheel from the settings menu for now.

    I'm wondering if there is any easy way to fix this problem? Could this be dust accumulation, as I had not used it in a long time? Anyone else with similar issues?

    Mystic38 >> I think we're complaining about compatibility issues on OS X Mavericks, not Windows!

    On my 2nd Virus, 8 years now... I had a few good years of no issues at all. It's a hit or a miss.

    So, is it official that this won't be fixed? We're almost on to OS X Yosemite now. An official update would be nice!

    Marc, I appreciate all the support and dedication you've given over the years, but currently it seems like we're beating a dead horse.

    I come in every few months to check if there is a fix that can rescue my Polar TI2. After 2 rounds of emails, even Support goes silent. I also don't see any Public Betas testing out this issue. :(

    The pad patch could be quite DSP intensive if it's sweeping wavetables and has effects/unison etc. on it. It's easy to max out the Virus using a pad patch and crazy modulation. :) There's a battery like symbol on the top right which shows how DSP intensive it is.

    The Virus, while comes loaded with USB nightmares, works fine on USB 3 and isn't one of them. Works fine on USB 2 as well.

    If you contact Access Support, they'll tell you a few tricks to try to get the installation right. I don't remember the sequence.

    I kind of sadly agree :( As much as I love using it, the Virus is spending more and more time stacked away. It's also one of the only synth I held on to.

    Only other option, I get used to running it stand-alone.

    I was advised by Jorg from Tech Support to give 5.0.8 a shot.

    I briefly had the note stuck issue, while VC was off. For me, without VC, everything works as it should. I haven't tested 5.0.8 further.

    I'm running this via an RME UFX.

    I've always had the hub/no-hub issue over the past 6 years. It comes and goes. : /

    Would be great to have VC functionality back.

    I too am working with support to understand the 'Notes Stuck' issue. I was advised to try 5.0.8. Issue still exists.

    While, I can't seem to replicate it. I did briefly run into the issue technobear has been mentioning, regarding the 48 & 44.1KHz. VC was not open. I was trying to use the Virus to play other synths.

    The issue was worse than the one I mentioned as the notes are just continuously stuck and 'Panic' didn't seem to work. Switching to Reaper and playing around with Project Settings to swap sample rate, I got it eventually to play fine at 48KHz within Reaper. After that, it seemed fine even with Logic X at 44.1 and 48 and I can't re-create the issue yet. But, it's definitely there.

    I've tried 2 computers here as well.

    I'm on 10.9, just upgraded to 10.9.2 as of this morning. Virus OS is 5.0.7

    I'm running at 48KHz. Haven't used 44.1 in a while. :(

    What kind of MIDI issues pop up with 48? In my case, VC doesn't even fire up. I'll paste the message in here, in a bit, once I'm in the studio.

    Is it the stuck notes and note trigger issues? That seems to affect only the Virus keybed. My other MIDI controller seems to trigger and play the VC fine. (Note: VC works for me only when I directly hook it to the laptop). But, there is definitely an issue.

    I tried using an non-powered hub, but was getting the same message I received from the display ports. I managed to find a MTT powered hub. But, before I pick one up, I guess VC needs to work on 10.9.

    I loved the USB VC feature on the Virus, it spoiled me. So, imagine, I'm trying to resort to MIDI cables from the 80's if I can operate the Virus smoothly. :(

    Is Access working on a fix for the OS X 10.9 issue? Would like to know how long I won't be able to use Virus Control.

    Ok, sorry about the confusion.

    With the Virus connected to the ports on the Display, I consistently get either "Audio Driver" or "MIDI Driver" failed due to too many USB connections apparently. But, after making the post, I tried just hooking up the Virus and Interface and it still shows the error. It seems unhappy, if any other device is connected or if connected via a hub.

    With the Virus connected to the USB port on the Mac, firstly it doesn't play consistently, most notes don't fire. On turning 'LOCAL' on, it plays okay but occasionally gets stuck notes (every 3 or 4 notes). This is all on the Virus' keyboard. Strangely it plays fine if I use any other device to trigger the keys.

    I realised, it's nothing to do with power or bandwidth. But, I need something which works when I turn it on. Would a USB hub solve this? I looked into MTT. Found a cheap one, not powered though, but full bandwidth on each port. Do you think, this would fix the issue?

    I don't even mind using MIDI and Audio cables to transfer the data across. I just need VC to open reliably. :(

    Sorry to start a fresh thread.

    As I posted in the other thread, I'm having problems with getting the VC to work with a late-2013 MBP. I'm running OS 5.0.7 on Mavericks. I've used the Virus for over 6 years and am aware of most of the USB and sync problems.

    I initially thought, the problem could be due to the USB Bus power. To confirm, VC does not open at all, when connected to the ports on my non-thunderbolt Apple Display. I finally plugged it straight into the MBP.

    Now, while VC starts up with the direct connection, I can barely play the keyboard. It works fine when I use another controller or on-screen keyboards to play it. But, on the Virus itself, notes get stuck every 3 or 4 strikes (only happens when connected via VC). Only other device connected is the Interface and a keyboard. I also, strangely always need to switch Local to ON for it to even function, while using VC.

    Solutions I've tried:

    - Restarting the computer
    - Restarting the Virus (un-plug method)

    - Re-installing the software
    - Different USB Cables, USB ports

    My last option is to pick up a USB hub dedicated to the Virus. I'm not sure if this would work. For me, previously, it sometimes worked having a hub and at other times I had to connect it directly.

    Access, is this a Mavericks only issue? I can't seem to figure out how to fix this. The laptop has 2 USB ports. I at least need to connect 4 devices (Interface, Maschine, Controller and the Virus). Would hate it, if the after picking up the Hub, I get the Audio/MIDI driver fail issue.

    Thank you.

    I had a similar issue recently, with no specific key though. For my case, it seems to be a USB power issue. Too many devices connected, so it would behave the way you described it. Hope that helps.

    I'm facing USB issues again. Bah, it's been over 6 years of using the Virus on & off.

    USB trouble has been consistent, except for one point when I switched to Reaper, I no longer had to restart to get VC to notice the Virus, this was somewhere along OS X 10.7 on a Mac Pro. But, that was followed by Arp timing issues.

    Now, on a MBP late 2013, while I agree there are a ton of USB devices connected, I really don't see what the Virus' fuss is. There are two Apple non-Thunderbolt displays connected, which expand the MBP's 2 USB ports to 6. The Virus is given one entire display for it's power hungry needs. Only other devices are interface and a Maschine hooked to the 2nd display.

    I constantly get Audio or MIDI driver fail at launch, no port changing or restarting seems to work, unless I hook it straight to the laptop and disconnect most other devices. If I didn't enjoy the convenience of VC, I would have ditched it years ago.

    Will a powered hub, make a difference? I assumed the Display acted as a powered hub.

    Is there a solution, without losing my other devices? Current required for the Virus shows 0. I also understand, bandwidth isn't the issue. Marc, it would be great if you could tell us why the USB is so flakey? :( Thank you.

    lol.. how long has it been since the last update? Not long at all. You guys should forget about constantly needing something new and go make music. Are you consumers first or musicians?

    It has been ooooooooooonnnne whoooooole year!!! Oh, I'm a consumer first :D Ever since I jumped into the mixing/mastering profession, my Polar is just sitting by my side looking pretty. :love: But, that is no excuse for not having my FREE yearly update for FREE. X(