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    I should mention I am using the current beta, but this is something that has been persistent with previous non beta versions.

    Also, the TI has its own usb bus and despite Logic being set to small buffer, I still get an error message generated by the VC informing me that I need to set the buffer to small.

    Guess there is some tweaking to be done... Doesn't explain the rewire offset though :)

    Hi Folks,

    Been having a problem for a while now when using Reason rewired to Logic when inserting the TI plugin. The sync goes totally out between Logic and Reason, loops etc running behind, generally a mess.

    The fix? Remove the TI plugin! Anyone else experience this or know of a fix? Could it be live mode in Logics audio settings? Not in the chair right now but something that sprang to mind.


    Thanks Marc,

    I had a node at the beginning of the bar, however this was the same value as the other nodes before the automation for the cutoff ramped up, however by changing the value + or - 1 at the start of the bar did the trick.


    Hi Folks,

    I'm simply automating the Filter 1 cutoff of a patch, automation recorded by moving the cutoff knob on the VC.

    The problem is when the track loops around the cutoff dial is not resetting to the value of the node on the automation track, I have to grab the mouse and move the cutoff knob on the VC and then it 'remembers' where it should be.

    Anyone know if this is a problem with the current version or is Logic somehow not sending the automation info back to the VC on loop around? I've got it in read mode of course.


    Hi Folks,

    Bored of posting. TI has been great since this new release sync wise but now I get HF crackling on patches. Confirmed as muting TI solves it. I'm done moaning, this is how it is and always has been.

    Serious comunication problem. Playing other AU plugins in Logic. huge latency. Again, the tempo led seems to be the problem. Once its settled down, everything seems to work. I will shout from the roof tops if this aint sorted soon. And trust me, I can shout loud.

    You don't want to hear this. I was sat on the loo, track stopped and all of the sudden blasts of notes. This rather expensive bit of kit has more or less done the same thing from the day of purchase.

    You may well have pulled off a 'I want that sound' synth, but I simply cannot recommend your quite rightly called "Junk" to anyone in the professional field.

    Absolutely shocking for such an expensive keyboard.

    Do me a favour, stop bringing out betas and new features and work on stability. In fact, I'm calling out to BC here as he makes things look so simple. Ben, do you suffer the same blight that I do? But could I trust your answer?!

    I'm no amateur, believe me, and the only piece of hardware in my setup that gives me problems happens to be the TI.

    I will go out of my way to rubbish the Access name, like it needs to be rubbished! I'll take this viral, believe me. Looking for answers.

    Ok, this is starting to freak me out now!

    Just had a blast of notes, approx 10 mins after playing project, everything idle. Same thing every time, BPM light above display goes nuts, TI starts chucking out random garbage. Me and the wife jumped out of our skins!

    Have I got faulty hardware? I need to know as out of warranty and would like to sell this to some poor sod on ebay! (just kidding).

    Marc, I know you are listening and surely this does not require a paltry logic project consisting of a one bar arp loop. I'm a bit lost and very disheartened to be honest :(

    If I don't follow recommendations, TI gives me a USB conflict warning when loading a Logic project. If I don't get this warning, all is good right?


    BPM light flashing away, nice, tight to the metronome in Logic until you get the message on the Virus Display 'configuring TI'.

    Bearing in mind there is NO sequenced part whatsoever utilising the TI, I will get a blast of notes (with the sound of the selected patch) belting out in a terrible fashion through my speakers?

    Had there been a sequence there I could understand it, but no data that I put in place was being sent to the TI.

    It's been unplugged for a few days and I've reset it etc (been through all this before) but it still won't play nice. Please give me some hope Access, this is not good at all. :(

    I have to say this would not be the case for me, as I don't own an iMac, but a Mac Pro. System profile shows the TI to be on it's own bus, no internal hub, but still it gives me the same problems I've had with this synth from the day of purchase.

    It does indeed sometimes play nice, but then it will just freak. The most disturbing thing being the blast of notes that you get well after the project in Logic has stopped playing. There is clearly something wrong.

    I'm very tired of of the shoddy TI side of this, so I'll be taking the traditional 5 pin din route.

    If memory serves, this thing was heavily delayed on release due to problems, which I guess are still plaguing an other wise top draw synth. Time to trade for an Origin me thinks.

    I'm back to say how really bad things are.

    No point sending you a Logic project with one instrument track. This thing cannot track tempo / stay in sync at all with Logic.

    All I can say is, your tutorials must be edited to f and back.

    Another pointless, fallen on deaf ears post I guess.

    And i just went back through my post history, it's most certainly a love hate relationship :)

    SO! Can I use the VC to patch browse / edit sounds and trigger via trad 5 pin din and use the analog outs?


    It's a very sad state of affairs.

    It was working great, same project, nothing changed. Just loaded up and having pressed stop in Logic, about a minute after that the tempo light above the display started freaking out and the arp patch in use came belting out through my speakers sounding like it was trying to catch up with the tempo light, whilst my project was not even playing. There are most definitely ghosts in this machine.

    I've owned this rather expensive synth for a number of years now and nothing has changed. Fancy new features which are great, but buggy as hell.

    Surely someone at access must have the magic formula?

    As a comparison, perhaps not a fair / relevant one, I purchased NI Maschine last week and I've already made some solid music without any hiccups / sync problems / latency issues whatsoever.

    Come on Access, please make this stable and useable. Enough is enough.

    What with a faulty display with lines missing etc, I'm beginning to wonder if my hardware is at fault, but I doubt it. I've never been able to rely on this synth from the minute UPS dropped it off.

    It has pretty much become an expensive controller for me X(

    I've got pretty much the same problems here with the current beta and have probably had most of them for years now with both PC / MAC / Logic / Cubase etc, whatever version of TI OS (beta or release) I was using at whatever point. Some better than others for sure.

    I find TI very much unusable at the moment for the majority of reasons you state in the original post, particularly lost sync and more with my biggest bug bear being latency and when I say latency, I mean variable latency. Wether using Direct / Live mode, it is totally unstable for me.

    Been through all the rigmarole a million times but it's for sure worse than it ever was for me in Logic 9.1.5 32Bit on a Mac Pro.

    Hope we can get to the bottom of this or it's good old midi for me.

    I'm totally out of touch with this by the way, but is it possible to just use the VC to patch change / edit sounds and have the audio coming through the analog outs but trigger the synth via the traditional 5 pin DIN from my MIDI interface? I think this would work much better for me.


    Hi Marc,

    Apology to make here.

    I was running 45115 in Lion and not 41105 as the title of this thread suggests. However, I just went back to 45016 and the crackling has gone. Arps in Logic seem rock solid and as per usual it sounds damn good. Something with 45115 I guess.

    All the best,