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    Thanks for that tehlord! I would like to think both of course :P I have to say though people, never skimp on your room treatment! Things became so much clearer after shelling out and mixes seemed to improve ten fold, not to mention far better vocal recordings. It's always hard to justify spending a few hundred quid on what may seem like just bits of foam, especially with all those software upgrades, new synths etc out there to buy!


    Thanks for the feedback folks! Yeah, the ambient thing became a name and just stuck. I should be more imaginative when it comes to naming tracks really! I guess I just mean the type of sounds used, pads, long decaying sounds etc. as oppose to a particular style.


    you know what puzzles me? in the last years, on trade shows, i always did some sort of "jam session on the fly" type of demo. usually i was using Virus Control and Stylus for the drums. through i cannot say that i'm arpeggiating everything, for those demos, i always make use of arpeggiators and i never ran into the problem. the last set of demos i've done was at remix hotel in miami and i certainly didn't run into this issue. can you remember when this started for you?

    best, marc

    Can't remember to be honest marc. Maybe it was when Logic 8 came out, can't be sure. Were you using Mac&Logic at these shows etc? I've contacted support about this for a long time now and we have been through everything and seen as my display has a slight fault it was recommended that the main board be checked if I sent it back to get that looked at and make sure it was not a fault with my TI. I can't afford that at the moment unfortunately so I'll have to live with it. Glad you could replicate though. Was it exactly as I described on your system? With regards to the display, I have found a fix, annoying but it seems to solve the problem when I'm using it. When it starts to go, a vertical line in the middle of my display dims slightly to begin with, but if I notice it and catch it in time, I go to config, hike the display contrast right up then right down and it seems to come back and stay back! If I miss it, I just reboot the TI and the line starts working again and will be fine for the session! Any way of hiking the voltage to the display up a bit from within the software? Might be all it needs! Anyway, sorry to stray, it was on my mind thats all.



    Empty Logic 9 project
    Create an instrument track, insert TI VC 3 x Stereo
    Find an arp patch and get a 4 bar loop or whatever going
    create another instrument track with an arp patch from a different plugin (I was using Albino but it does it regardless of plugin on my system)
    Sequence that the same as the TI

    That should be enough to replicate it. When you hit play the TI will make a buzzing sound, a bit like the atomizer effect and it will play out of time (if it triggers at all) until it catches up. If you select the TI instrument track, it comes in straight away without fail which is very nice.

    System specs are Mac Pro 2,1 12GB RAM, Snow Leopard on 80GB Intel SSD, 3 x 500GB WD HDD (2 in RAID 0 for Audio, 1 for backup)

    If you need anymore info please give us a shout, dinners ready!! :)


    i know that one, it's really disturbing. it happens with other plug-ins as well, e.g. NI instruments. older version of virus control make no difference and the latest one works fine in logic 8. i'm sure this can be sorted out one or the other way but we are uncertain, if that also will include a fix in logic 9.

    best, marc

    Ah, so it's a Logic problem is it? Funny, I was going to mention the NI stuff as it has always done it in Kore etc and is very annoying, especially when hitting that key reloads the sound that you may have spent 10 mins tweaking, ahhhhhh!!! Also, much better than it was before but still an issue is the fact that when the TI is not the selected track and in record mode, it has trouble coming in on time, get all sorts of weird buzzes etc but it does come in eventually and much better than before. I know I keep banging on about it and it's not such a problem as all I have to do is keep the TI selected and in record mode, but it's the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10/10 :rolleyes:

    Working great on 10.6, thank you for that. The only thing I have noticed is that when the VC plugin window is in focus, I lose the enter (play) key on my numeric keypad in Logic 9. This always used to work with the previous versions of the VC. Also, the sync is very much improved as you say, wonderful.


    the sync will improve greatly with the next public beta which should be out any day. the next version will also provide better support for 10.6 on driver level (with 3.1, you cannot use the TI as an audio interface, Virus Control works fine though). we are currently wrapping things up, so for those who dared to install 10.6 already, we should have an improved version pretty soon.

    best, marc

    Just out of interest marc, how's this coming along?


    That's great news marc! Looking forward to trying that out when available. It seems pretty tight at the moment, better than it ever has been for me so more improvements are greatly appreciated!


    Hi all,

    Even though I seem to be having some problems viewing this website in Safari, I eventually managed to login and create this post! I just wanted to say that 3.1 with my TImk1 keyboard and logic 9 seem to be working pretty nicely together at the moment with snow leopard. I still have a slight sync issue with arps when the TI track is not in record mode and another AU is selected, but it catches up pretty quickly now and stays tight. Nice.

    Thanks for that folks! ;)