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    Two things you need to be aware of:

    You need to be running the latest version - UnisonLFOPhase was bust for a fair amount of time in the TI, but it is definitely fixed again in the latest version.

    You won't hear any difference when you adjust (or modulate) the parameter until you trigger a new note.

    Regarding the second effect (saw LFO in Env mode+unipolar) - I'm not sure of the maths behind it, but I found it pretty cool, actually, and trigger phase does affect the length of the pause before the drop.

    Potentially, this could prove to be a useful little trick you've discovered there, Ruari :thumbup:

    This is documented, I'm afraid - you have never been able to modulate effects with the envelopes. There are still the LFOs which can be used in Env mode to modulate effects.

    They're in the Common Edit menu.

    There's a small point of confusion in the public beta, unfortunately, in that both are labeled "Envelope 4". The pages are arranged in order, though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to work out which is which until the next release ;)

    A couple of things to remember:

    Filter Cutoff needs to be at least a bit lower than maximum to hear the self-oscillation, as it is faded out at the very highest values.

    Osc Volume should not be turned too high, as the amount of self-oscillation is inversely proportional to the amount of saturation.

    Oh - and resonance needs to be cranked right up!

    The Hypersaw waves are not detuned by default, so if you just add more waves, you get a phase cancellation effect. The phase of each wave is random, so every note will sound slightly different.

    SOS - Osc Phase Init has no effect on Hypersaw.

    In which config menu? The config menu of Virus Control does not contain a Local option

    Sorry - I missed the bit where you clearly stated you were using a midi keyboard! The Local parameter is only available on the keyboard versions of the Virus.

    Glad you got it sorted, anyhow!

    The 'Fine' versions are too subtle to be heard on anything other than oscillator pitch, or highly resonant filters. This is because our ears are far more sensitive to variations in pitch than they are to timbre.

    Try the 'Coarse' versions for other parameters and, if necessary, apply the same modulation routing more than once to intensify the effect.

    Quote from Ruari

    Osc 1 Wave Select & Osc 2 Wave Select are surely prime candidates for removal, as pointed out in another thread these are parameters which should not be tweaked during a performance - suggesting that they could be removed from the destinations list & not be missed.

    Actually, quite a few legacy patches will have made use of this, as you get quite a cool wave sequence type effect when you modulate this parameter.