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    Are you serious? Your post would suggest not.

    Rather, it appears that you would much prefer to rant at Access than do a simple arrangement to help them reproduce your specific problem.

    They had probably been switched off in the CONFIG menu.

    In future, instead of reinstalling the OS (which cannot become corrupted), just check the manual for the key combo to do a reset during power on. This resets all the CONFIG and global parameters to default, and clears the current patch buffers, and should do the same job, since this happens automatically after an OS install - hence the illusion that it's the install that fixes the problem.

    Fdsa4711 - I haven't experienced a satan saw in a long time, and I can't even remember the last time it happened to me in standalone mode. Please - if it happens again, try to note down in as much detail as possible, the status of the TI (single/multi) and the last couple of things you did just before it happened.

    For example - was it just after a patch change? If so, which patches did you change between? Were you playing notes as you changed? Was it a parameter edit? If so, which patch, and which parameter? etc,etc...

    If you then contact support with these details, and include the patch and/or multi (with a sysex dump if it's something you've created yourself), then there's a good chance the bug can be found and duly eradicated. The main thing to remember is, for a bug to be dealt with, it helps enormously if the programmers are able to reproduce it.

    As it happens, I had been looking for a solution to this problem recently, and I've found one - there will be a few examples in my soon-to-be-released soundset :)

    It requires that at least one oscillator be in either Pulse (classic) or Wave PWM mode.

    You can then exploit the fact that 100% pulse width results in silence to create an "attack" oscillator, by setting PW to 100% and then using either the Filter Envelope or an LFO in Env Mode to modulate that oscillator's PW by a negative amount 8)

    Lightsound - please try using MIDIOX to both receive and send the sysex dump - I just tried, and it seems to work well here.

    If successful, you could try further experiments to track down the cause of the problem, i.e. by recording the sysex dump in Cubase, and sending back it via MIDIOX (and vice-versa).

    Personally, I am not convinced that this particular issue is down to Access - I have had very different results with sending/receiving sysex dumps of Virus arrangements with different hosts.

    great idea, definitely
    i think it should even be possible to make it a full featured multi-breakpoint-envelope in arp-to-matrix mode;
    this would satisfy all begs for another mod-envelope :thumbup:

    It wouldn't actually be such a great replacement for a multi-stage envelope, as the Arp>Matrix mod source is applied monophonically.

    Chewie - you're basically treading the exact same path I trod when trying to see if I could completely cheat the system ;)

    Trouble is, once you do this, you end up in pretty much the same place as you would if you just stuck glide on top of a basic ArpInput>Osc Pitch setup!

    The one advantage about keeping it to my original setup is that you can effectively switch the glide on/off live by playing either one note or an octave.

    I'm a bit confused here - why on earth would you want to be resetting the ASIO like this in the first place? This is surely something which only needs doing if there is a problem - it certainly has nothing to do with 'normal' sequencing, and personally I have never experienced the Virus just going out of tune like this during a session.

    Also, FWIW, I tried reproducing this in SX3.1.1 under Windows, and I couldn't. Resetting the ASIO did sometimes trigger a stuck note, which when doubled up with the previous one caused some kind of phasing effect, but it was cleared easily by re-triggering the note. The overall tuning was fine.

    Switch the unit off and press ARP EDIT to switch it back on again. This will reset all the global parameters to default settings.

    Then try the INP Clean patch again. So long as there is a signal going through the inputs of the Virus, and you are monitoring the outputs of the Virus, I can't see what could go wrong.

    You need to press the EDIT button to the left of the display, press PARAMETER < or > until you reach the 'Inputs' page, and set Input Mode to 'Static'.

    Alternatively, you could try some of the Input patches - the quickest way to do this is to press SEARCH, choose 'Input' as the Category, press Value + and you'll immediately get a basic input patch. There are several more to browse through as well.

    I installed the 4.0.18 release and since then I get no audio out the first time I turn on the unit. I need to power it off a second time the unit. This happens when I unplug the unit and replug into the power line.

    This does not happen here, or AFAICT, to other users. I have been making a point recently of switching the Virus off at the wall at the end of each day, and every day it boots up fine. I would suggest contacting support about this.