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    Figured that would be the case with the macs at the Apple Store. Is there any reliable way to tell from the System Profiler how the USB ports are configured? Thankfully my iMac7,1 gives me pretty reliable separate USB busses.

    They're going to love me in the Apple Store when I next need to upgrade - I will have with me the Virus Snow and my FireWire audio interface for starters! Leaving nothing to chance.

    Determined to make those Genius guys earn their living. ;)

    You are still unable to control external (midi or usb connected) hardware synths from Reason 6. To my knowledge the only way to do it is to ReWire Reason to another DAW, such as Ableton Live or Logic, that can control hardware synths and receive their audio.

    Ableton Live have downloadable demos if you want to experiment with ReWiring through to Reason. If the Snow is the only hardware synth you wish to use then maybe the inexpensive Live Intro version would be enough.

    It was Reason's refusal to work with hardware synths that made me switch from it to another DAW. I still use Thor and Kong though. :)