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    Obviously the Virus won't replace any modular synth, but it comes as close as just about any VA other than the Arturia Origin or Nord Modular series. While I would love to have Eurorack alongside my Virus its just not always economically feasible for all to have multiple thousand dollar synths lying around, though some think it is the key to making quality music...

    There are plenty of things I would love to see implemented on the Virus to take it even closer to a modular synth which is why most of my posts on this site are suggestions for Mod Matrix destinations. :D

    I don't think my TI2 will ever come close to replacing my Eurorack modular and vice versa. There are just way too many patch points and routs possible on the modular. Also I can add features at will by acquiring more modules. The modular is not going to do high polyphony or chords any time soon (though with my Morphing Terrarium it does wave table scanning). My opinion is sort of in the other direction; that is I think an analog modular and a TI2 complement each other quite nicely. This is one of the reasons why I got the TI2.

    +1 New manual here, I just bought my Virus a few months ago and there is lots that is not in the manual that I am sure I am missing out on, even just one available online.

    I love all the other controls for the ARP in the Mod Matrix (especially Arp Pattern) but I like to make a lot of experimental, stop-start kind of stuff and being able to control the Arp Speed by an external device would be excellent. :thumbup:

    I love the Randomized Patch feature but it is rather frustrating for me that when I randomize the patch, I am unable to save the new patch with the randomized parameters. I brought this problem up in the troubleshooting forum as well as I know others have had this problem. Would likely be a simple fix to an awesome feature of an already sick machine.

    I am also struggling with this problem, I keep getting great results with the patch randomizer only to lose all of it if I switch patches. To be clear, when I randomize a patch, the sound changes but none of the parameters show they have been altered although the sound is radically different. If I tweak it and save it, change patches and then go to recall it, what I am left with is the original patch with the tweaks I made to the randomized patch. This HUGE problem renders the awesome patch randomizer function pretty useless. HELP! Thanks.