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    Hi , i am looking to run my virus with a beat backing , i havent as yet explored the virus enough to see if iam able to do it with this , i am lookind at rmx or Battery 3 , i like to play trance stuff but need something easy and good! to run with the virus , can someone please advice.
    1) can i get what i am looking for just using the virus?
    2) will i be better using stylus rmx or battery 3 to run alomg side?
    3) Drul loops in daw.
    4) some one was telling me to get native maschine as it works well with virus??
    if the virus is the best to arrange and play beats is their a tuturial that you can point me in the direction of.
    Thanks :thumbup:

    First of all thanks to David gary73 for telling me how to get all 16 channels = basicaly when you open reaper it comes up with= Do you want to open the following stereo 1/2 =stereo 3/4 stereo 4/5 =click no then you get the picture of the virus software , click on options then click on build 16 channels.

    Now i hope, i can be of some help to some of you on the following = routing and keyboard split.

    Ok now you have the 16 channels , looking at the access page put a sound from the browser into 1 , and a sound from the browser into 2, now looking at your reaper page you will notice that the red light in the first block next to virus ti is on (record armed) miss the next block (Virus t i m 1) and go to the next one which will have (virus t i m 2) make sure this is record armed as well and then put recorm monitoring to on (green triangle thing) you should now have 2 sounds playing together. Do the same thing to add the 3rd , 4th , etc.
    Now to split the keyboard so that i can play a lead in the top half and the bass in the lower half = ok on reaper go to number 2 (virus t i m 1) right click on it within the square and go to add virtual instrument , go down to js in the left hand side click on it and find js. midi note filter drag that into the NO 2 BOX (virus t i m 1) you will now be able to adjust high and low notes of the keyboard, i have set the low note to 60 so the lead is now playing in the top half of the keyboard and i have left the high note at 127. Do the smae thing in Virus t i m 2 but this time ive set my low note to and high note to 60.c5 so now the bass is only in the lower half of the keyboard. You can even put a controler in the square click on Parm when your adjusting the keyboard range and then click on show in track controls so you will be able to adjust the range of the keyboard from your main daw page.

    I no some of you will probaly allready no all this , but as ive just found this out , i hope by putting this on here it might help. :)

    hi i am new to this so please make it simple for me.
    i am using reaper and when i get the virus ti up in daw it asks me if i wont the following tracks for this effect if not only the stereo 1/2 outputs will be audible without vfurther routing.
    stereo 1/2 new track 2 virus ti1
    stereo 3/4 new track 3 virus ti2
    stereo 5/6 track new track 4 virus ti3
    i thought i should have 16 channels? whats wrong please help, also how do i get more the one sound working in multi i cant find the info in the manual.