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    Good track indeed :thumbup: But it seems to be a trance producer thing to make it kinda hifi sounding at first. Eventualy they will get beter at mixing.

    The same way a person i know (Sied van Riel) did that to his tracks but he finaly learned to mix it different. it's just a wrong way of interpretating the hi frequencies for making more presence in a track like heared in most famous songs. getting more presence is only by putting little extra to high frequencies from 20k up to 5k (5k actualy for the presence). The rest you do by EQ-ing and panning the sounds out of each others way pushing particular (hi) sounds to the front. But that's just how i see it. Good work, keep it up! 8o

    Hi there,
    ist there any guideline which frequencies one could boost or change to get more presence for weird organ sounds?
    Regards Christoph

    Thanks for your answer. I gonna Check the power supply. Do You know any other reason why the Virus 'broke down'? I have the Keyboard Version of ti2.
    After the Break down all the lights and flashing looked quite normal, but I could not generate a Sound by pressing the keys, After this i had to turn off and turn on the Virus again.

    Sorry for the capital letters my automatic word software is currently St to german.

    Greets Chris ;(

    Hi there, very interesting. I have connected the Virus analog Outs with an Mixer, that also has mic Inputs.
    Can this also damage or Impact the Virus?
    I had the feeling that the Sound was a Bit weird and the System also brocke down a couple if Times

    Greets Chris :S

    Hi flabberbob

    Thanks for the answer. I checked if I can change
    my devices (motif rack and virus ti2 and fcb1010) to the other Midi Mode, but i couldnt find any Setting to do that except for the fcb 1010 programming software.

    The fcb Foot Controller software can send in 0-127 or in 1-128 Mode.
    As far as i understand i need to change the Virus or the Motif Rack into another
    Midi Mode, because at least one device is Not in the correct Mode.

    Do you know where i can do that for the Virus ti2?

    Greets Christoph

    Hello all,

    I am asking if anyone has experience in using the FCB 1010 foot controller device to control the VIRUS TI2 program changes by midi?

    I tried to change programs in Single Mode of VIRUS TI2 by using the foot knobs of the FCB 1010 , but it worked not 100% successfully. Before that I used a software to set up the FCB 1010.


    My problem is that the the "midi change number" in the virus is somwhow shifted by -1. That means if I send a midi message by the FCB 1010 e.g. change to program 50, the virus will change to program 49...

    Can anybody give me any advice how I can solve that?

    I also thought about the possibility to send a "midi program change message" with the FCB1010 by channel +1, so that "change program to 51" becomes 50 in the virus, but maybe there exist a better way to do that.

    Regards Christoph Clemens



    I have a question of how to control the volume (#7) and sustain (#64) on ALL the sounds in multi mode independently from the midi channels used.

    My problem is that I trigger 1 sound in mutli mode by midi channel 1 (Virus TI) and another sounds by midi channel 2, but I have the feeling that I can only get a volume or sustain effect on the sound triggered by channel 1, not channel 2.

    Furthermore, I also would like to send that sustain and volume controller signal to my motif rack, so that I can control the motif's vol and sustain 2.

    as well. However it's not relly working for my motig and the virus multi parts tgriggered by midi ch 2.

    Can anybody help me please?

    My present config looks like this...

    key 1 (Virus) and crt #7 and hold #64 pedal set up in config - midi out to motif rack, midi ch 1 to trigger parts in multi mode

    key 2 stage piano - midi ch 2 in to virus to trigger parts in virus multi mode

    Greets Chris :wacko:

    What else is connected to your computer via USB? Are there any other available USB ports?
    Start the Device Manager (just type its name in the start menu search box), change to [View]->[Devices by connection], then expand the ACPI, PCI and USB items. Now see if the Saffire and Virus are listed under the same root hub, or maybe the Virus shares its hub with a different device. If so, try to find a connection configuration that isolates the Virus with its own root hub.
    Good luck!

    Interesting, I had similiar problems with my ableton and virus. Greets Chris

    1. The Virus reserves headroom for the accumulated amplitude of 16 channels playing multiple notes. Reduce the volume of other instrument plugins by up to 12dB in order to maintain the balance of power.
    2. I suggest you start by loading the Logic tutorial, it has the answer to your question plus a few more tips and tricks you can copy into your following projects.
    3. Your MIDI controller should have a panic button as well.

    Interesting, I wondered about this last time too.
    Regards Christoph :thumbup:

    Hello there,
    I have a TI snow and I like to use it in live performances. For this it would nice to control the volume via midi foot pedal.

    Could anybody tell me how I have to set up the midi connection to do that?

    Actually I using one foot pedal to control the volume of 2 keyboards and now the virus would be the third device... 8)

    Thanks Chris

    The last 4 ROM Banks of TI units are empty when we ship them. You could use the "Virus Control Center" application to "burn" sounds either from the RAM Banks or sound banks stored on your computer to these ROM Banks. This way the sounds are also present in the unit when switching it off and there's no need to overwrite RAM patches either.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    Great, thank you very much for your advice. :thumbup:

    You definitely can use this way to create your own libraries and not, it is not a necessity to save sounds into the TI hardware itself.
    That's why we implemented this "save" routine which lets you create your own libraries.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner

    Hi there, is.

    I think it's a good and brilliant way to edit and save the own sounds via an own libraries, but I wondered about this:
    if I really want to use "my edited " TI virus sounds outside for a gig without any laptop and without any virus control, for this I would do the following:

    create and edit your new sounds within virus control --> save in on your laptop in your own library = easy + good solution, but if I want to use my virus ti snow without any laptop I need to store = overwrite some RAM sounds, do I?
    However, I could easily restore the "overwritten sound" from the ROM bank very quickly by virus control browser if ever I wish to.

    Could you please comment on this, in other words there are no "empty" RAM banks, I need to overwrite some sound, do I?

    Regards Christoph

    Yeah, the input thru option does just that, it bypasses any effects by the virus.

    You can shortcut all the menu digging (which you may wish to do, anyway, just to get used to it) there is a preset in RAM-A (unless you wrote over it, or its different to the TI, if so, then you can find it in the backup libraries on the website) called RAM-A 125 >>INPUT<<.

    If you use this you will be ready to go, but there are a few options you may need/want to customise, but this gets you going, anyway....

    Hi there, interesting quotes, I have the same problem with my virus TI snow. How can I route external sounds through that and use the effects of the virus? I already asked and got goo input from Jörg Hüttner.

    Regards Chris :)