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    It's a strange feeling waiting to see if this is the year my TI2 keys is de-throned lol!
    For all the niggles and complaints I initially had with it, it was well worth the HUGE amount of time and effort getting it to run lovely along side my studio gear.
    I already subconsciously know that I will be buying every successive synthesizer Access makes from now till the day I go deaf, so I'm just hoping the next one will be a bit of an easier experience to integrate.

    Trance is bigger now that it has ever been at any point in history!!
    Also, the Access Virus is one of the hallmark machines used by trance producers and can be heard on 99% of all current releases.
    How come everybody knows this except you at Access??
    I understand people wishing to use the Virus for other styles, but to claim that trance is "dead" has left me dumbfounded.
    I got my Virus to make trance, excuse me for feeling slightly offended by your off-the-cuff comments.
    If Access is embarrassed about the Virus' affinity with trance let me know, I'll sell it and get a prophet 12. X(

    I've used before.
    I purchased the "Trance behind the brain" access virus soundset and didn't seem to have any problems at all other than that the site wouldn't work correctly with Opera browser.
    I used Explorer and it was fine..
    They also regularly email with offers.
    Are you warning of an impersonation scam or the actual real
    little bit worried now, but my purchase was sometime ago and I've never had anything bad happen to my paypal etc.
    Watching this thread with interest.

    Yeah I did mean dedicated USB card as opposed to audio interface.
    I ended up buying a 2 port Startech card. Not much choice out there for 2 port cards and could not find a single 1 port card, although I'd expect that really.
    Card works great straight off the bat. Unfortunately the Virus latency is still there, not any worse, not improved, so I've wasted my money by the looks of it.
    Have also purchased a new cable although I haven't swapped it yet. I expect no improvement whatsoever.
    My computer is 4 core i7 at 4.6ghz with top end components from the power supply right up to the water cooling system. I spared no expense and am now considering the computer to be exempt from the problem.
    I will still give virus the benefit of the doubt for now and will consider the sequencer as number 1 suspect.

    On top of what everybody else said, I noticed an increased punch, and a little bit of pitch modulation to make the sound revolve a round the correct tuning.

    You're right flabberbob, but I think that's simply dynamics processing on the kick as a whole, all layers. Compression + transient mods and the high click certainly sounds dusted with bit crush but the bit crush is frozen so thats another reason why I'm so sure it's a sample and not realtime synth.!
    Metrum anyone?? :D

    Nice work. I listened to the track again and I'm sure it is just the top layer of his kick because when the kick filters in and out throughout the track the little click filters along with it. Also the sound never changes - it just clicks away on top of the kick and goes wherever the kick goes dynamics wise.
    By the way it's a great track, first heard it on asot a few weeks back. You must love it if you ended up targeting such a small detail!
    I'm still hoping he will finish his "Genesis Pro" vst synth. I have the original Genesis and it's really fantastic.
    Keep up the good work!

    Sounds to me nothing more complicated than a kick or other sound, with high pass filter and maybe with some narrow band eq boost for accentuation.
    He is using the multi layer kick technique which is standard practice for trance/progressive. The sound just seems to be the third layer of the kick he's made, which means it probably is just a filtered sample.

    My Ti2 keyboards has this issue also.Using Sonar the problem goes away for a while by toggling the audio engine off then on again a few times. Was hoping os 5 corrected the issue as I haven't updated yet.
    Hope it isn't an actual fault because its done it since I got the thing nearly a year ago.
    Watching this thread with interest.

    Thanks for the replies guys.
    Flabberbob you are right about it being to do with delay compensation although I think it's more a case of me getting my head around it rather than an actual problem with Sonar.
    Mystic you are also right. Up until this week I was using a Novation SL controller. I only just replaced it with the Roland a couple of days ago. I didn't notice until you said, but the difference between Live on and off when playing virus is virtually none. With the Novation there was always a marked difference. The VST's are still affected by the virus Live status however but using the PDC button in X2 things seem to be workable. Not really liking having to keep toggling PDC when tracking but I'm hoping I can map it to the Roland which would be less frustrating. Loving Sonar though all the same!
    Cheers again guys.


    I have my Virus TI2 keyboard hooked up to Sonar X2. Although it's the keyboard version I use a Roland A-800 pro keyboard to control Sonar and play both VST instruments and the Virus, outputting to a Focusrite Sapphire pro 14 firewire.

    With Live mode ON the Virus plays perfectly from my A-800, and I'm expieriencing the best low latency ever at present, super fast, very happy.

    I record something with the Virus and afterwards I switch Live mode OFF and the Virus plays back super tight. Again, very happy.

    My problems begin when trying to use other VST instruments. With Virus Live mode ON they play from the A-800 with super low latency, and after recording, with Virus mode OFF they play back super sync just like the Virus.

    Obviously here's the problem:-

    If I've recorded a track on the Virus it needs to be played back 'Live OFF', but then I cant record along to it with another VST because the VST (like Virus) needs Live mode ON in order to play low latency or in sync from the A-800.

    I don't get why the Virus is affecting every VST in the first place? If I load say Omnisphere into Sonar and set its inputs to be controlled by the A-800 (and audio outs to the Focusrite) it still remains at the mercy of the Virus Live status as to whether I get good sync/latency.

    Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I'm stumped on this one!


    Read your manual. It says that you want your Virus TI's battery changed every about 4 years. Of course if you keep it standby most the time, with the power cable plugged in, you'll improve the battery's life. (And also you'll improve the life of any capacitor that's in the Virus. Caps like to be always powered.)

    This is interesting stuff Roby.
    I noticed that my TI2 keyboards chassis remained at about room temperature when left in standby under a keyboard cover yet when completely unplugged the metal goes cold to the touch. I felt that with even that low an amount of heat being produced I might be shortening the life of my keyboard by leaving it plugged in and on standby all the while. I even purchased a remote control wall socket so I could easily power off completely after use. I'm now left pondering your comments on capacitors. I heard they can go dry and assumed that this would be under power/heat conditions, but not being an expert I'm assuming I might be wrong then?
    Could you or Access give a definitive answer on which option (plugged/unplugged) will best serve the interests of longevity for my keyboard?
    Thanks a lot.

    My motherboard with the same NEC based USB 3 chipset does not work well with the Virus either. It either never connects, or even worse, will lock up my computer if I turn on the Virus while it is in the USB 3 port. This is with the latest bios and drivers installed for my system. Unplugging it from the USB 3 ports and into a 2 port solves this.

    I'm going to chip in and say that I totally agree.

    The main problem though is that the chipsets require software to run USB 3 spec, and it's that software that is a problem rather than the chipset itself.

    After building an absolute monster of a pc daw, adding sonar x1 and a virus ti2, I was totally shocked to my boots at how s**t the whole thing ran. It took two weeks of vacation time from work and then a further month or 2 of weekends to get the whole thing working, or at least workable.

    The one single thing I did that improved things the most, was to take the NEC (aka Renesas) USB 3 driver software and throw it into the bin and then put my foot in that bin and stamp down hard. It is an absolute disgrace of a piece of software and really dented my MB vendors chance of another sale from me in the future.

    The problem is that the software has latency built in on purpose - ie - it recieves a communication at the port then reverts to a coded pause before moving on. That's no problem for most users, they wont even notice, but for music, forget it.
    Everytime the Virus tried to communicate with TI it would invoke a pause in the Renesas software.

    So, obviously I'm running USB 2 now, from the chipsets, no software middleman, and it works.