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    Good work, I'm not a massive deep house fan, but it sounds well made to my ears, I like the fact that notwithstanding the obvious amount of compression the track retains quite some wide dynamics. The drumming is very essential but it sounds right for the genre, the only thing I'm not really convinced by is the combination of the voice and that gated pad; they seem to fight for room in the mix on several occasions, You could work on their stereo placement, moving one more to the center and keeping the other more prominent on the sides, but that would probably change the spirit of the mix quite a lot. I would personally look at the spectrum of the voice, and then put a slight cut (not so sharp of course) on the gated pad on the same frequencies and maybe work on the stereo placement of that as well, I have the impression the pad is massively stereophonic in all the frequency domain, which is kinda useless, unless you know of a club with a stereo subwoofer, and therefore place the bass part firmly in the middle and open it in the highs. Maybe you would get the best result doing also some cleaning on the EQ of the vocals as well, but hearing only the final mix that's quite hard to say.
    Just my 2 cents, keep it up! :)
    oh, and as I said on your SC... I did read the description :D

    I hate to sound like a jerk, but the Virus, apart from the somehow awkward interface (there are parameters that are not exactly where you would expect them to be) is quite a simple straightforward subtractive synth with some unusual oscillators, a good filter section and a decent amount of modulations possible, Not saying that if you can program a JP8000 you can program a virus seamlessly, it's a bit more complicated and deeper, but deepness and complexity are not its most notable features. for a modern polysynth it's almost basic. Can you name a synth you feel confident programming? (if you reply FS1-R, VL1, K5000, CZ1, Z1 or the evergreen DX7 I'll just shut up).
    Knowing what parameters are for doesn't mean you know your way around the synth, it is down to experimentation and even more about experience. I would seriously raccomend you study Howard Scarr's tutorial that is in the Virus documentation, I think it's one of the most interesting synthesis tutorial I've ever read... might not really be for beginners or for the feint harted, but after 12 years playing many different synths and plugins, I still had plenty to learn from that manual, oh, and I forgot to mention, Howard Scarr is a programming genius, in his patches you can find amazing acoustic like patches made only with simple subtractive synthesis, and most of his patches are of a quality I could not overemphasize, studying them, or btw reverse engineering any patch you like might probably get you some understanding not only of what's what, but also some deterministic understanding of what does what..

    I would suggest you do not go back to the DAW, disconnect the synth from the PC, and start playing with its physical interface, I could never properly program a plugin, I've been playing with Zebra for ages, and I still get more creative sounds out of an Alesis Ion, which is nowhere comparable in terms of flexibility to that monster modular plugin.
    Good luck!

    Hello enlightened Access user community, I'm kinda new to the instrument, though I have quite a bit of experience with DAWs, plugin, synths and similar stuff. The TI series comes with the claim that the synth is just as practical as a plugin in a DAW, this imho isn't the case, but considering the quality of the sound engine I can well live with that in the studio.

    Setting up things for playing live is a bit different; as soon as I start Ableton, the Virus goes dead; I couldn't find a way to play any sound from it without starting Virus Control, and the software itself isn't the most practical thing in a live scenario. But I can live with that, just I wonder; is there a way to convince the virus keyboard to respond to the part which is active on the synth at the moment? I'd keep some parts playing midi clips, while others are kept ready for being played live, while the remaining midi clips and samples are playing along.
    I'd even be happy if I could just play the synth while it is receiving the tempo and a bit of midi from Ableton without using the plugin at all, but this too seems unfeasible.
    Can it be done? Does anyone have experience about an optimal configuration for using a Virus with Ableton in a live performance? Thank you very much :)

    It all depends; I suppose you're routing the filters in series, if the 2 filters are identical 2 pole filters you will be having a 4 pole filter, but if the filters are different things may change.
    I could tell you a lot about this, but I believe there is a filter tutorial on the Access Website that explains this bits very thoroughly
    well... there is quite a point; if you are using a lowpass and a highpass in series, or using some other parallel or split configuration, being able to move both filter frequencies with a knob while another knob controls the offset of the two can really create interesting effects, you also have the added advantage, if you put a bit of resonance of being able to generata two independent resonant peaks
    well, maybe you want to control or modulate the two separately; it does make plenty of sense really, on the virus, having that much polytimbrality it isn't that essential, but it is quite a trick for creating complex evolving sounds on one single layer, typically again, not using the two filters in series. The split mode for the filters for example can be used so that filter two (which receives osc2,osc3 and the noise generator) processes some noise being modulated by an LFO that makes it somehow percussive, while osc1 and the sub get processed by filter 1, and can be anything, a Bass, a pad...
    You got quite a machine to start from... I just recently got a virus after 10 years of other VAs and well... why didn't I get one sooner?