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    I'm a Virus newbie, but I think I followed my setup procedures by the letter.

    Love the virus but every now and again, Logic 9 seems to send midi messages that scramble a patch. This can't be remedied unless I leave the patch and then re-open it, starting from scratch with any editing or recording I might be doing.

    Does anyone else get this? More importantly, is there a simple remedy?



    I'm new to Virus, in fact it's the first day with my Snow.

    I've got integrated with my Mac, running Logic 9 and have recorded a few bars without a problem however, when I make another pass and tweak some of the soft knobs, I'm not recording any of the control change data so, I don't hear any filter sweeps, reverb send amounts etc.

    Can anyone please give me any pointers on this (newbie level), or direct me to appropriate tutorials or parts of the manual? On my soft synth, it just happened by default so long as Logic is set to the appropriate recording default.

    Many thanks, in advance.