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    What do you think is wrong with the interface for the plugin ? i mean you have instant access to every parameter, and it's not ugly at all, and you can automate anything you want if that's your desire.. To me that fairly all i need!

    You mean that you'd like something like Serum where you can see the mods moving and all that? Honestly, i use Serum a lot as well, but i'm more using my ears than looking at how the shit moves lol. It's sound, guys!

    It's ridiculous how the last 10 years of bullshit marketing has damaged the principle that in order to make music, you use your fucking ears!

    I'm 34, i've been a pro musician / composer since the last 10 years, the virus ti has brought much more money that it costed me.. Last monday i made 4000e in two hours using it only, and i really didn't feel i needed anything more from it, as every night i thanked it for having done a good job as i turned it off.

    I'm sorry for being a bit passionate about it all, but whenever i read 'synthesists' online it's pure bullshit, and it pisses me off to read such bullshit here, you guys spent 2k on the synth, you got yourself the most convenient piece of gear ever that you can use as a synth, as a multifx.. You got gazillions of waveforms, fm, more envelopes that i'm sure you actually use, endless polyphony, a shit ton of fxs, distortions, eq and more lol I mean if you can't make a nice sound with that from scratch, i don't think the virus or its plugin UI is to blame...

    And that end of production, who cares dude? The 106 is well past its end of production do you hear people complaining about not having visual feedback when they program it ? It's a musical instrument, not a phone!

    To me Christoph Kemper is an artist, and as every artist, you get fed up with what you've done at some point, and you try to have fun with the discipline/knowledge you acquired and try to use it somewhere else... And that's what he's doing with Kemper amp..

    The virus has been around since 20 years, it's still one of the most desirable synths out there, as users of it, you guys know how deep/perfect it is. You know that if you work in music for image, or even pop, the virus is basically all you need, and all the other synths are just other extra flavors, a caprice.. I load init patches in the virus on my default templates, every day, a few minutes later i got something going and i'm working! That's all that matters to me, the virus is a 'tool' that works every day when i need it, and in 99% of the situations, if not 100%! Do i need another virus ? Not really.. It still sounds like the future haha!

    I'm really happy for Christoph if he still has a lot of fun discovering new things, putting out new successful products, and i'm sure that if he has a new sick idea for the virus/synth market, we will know about it.. Consider that this guy made the perfect synth with the virus, and he's becoming the same thing for guitar players... Culturally, it's huge already..