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    lool my personal opinion . I dont think there is a difference between 48 and 96 in synth sounds.

    I think the difference BETWEEN 48 & 96 becomes just a little clear in mastering process, acoustic sounds and maybe reverbs or other mixing efx depending on quality.

    So after you record your Virus inside your daw, maybe is better to close the Virus plugin and switch your other soundcard to 96 khz & 32 bits and continue your great work .

    I think that your soundcard converters and your mixing&mastering experience will make the big difference . How you fatten and compress and EQ sounds...

    there are some great world mixing mastering engineers that prefer 48 khz over 96 khz

    If you can't make your Virus TI to work perfectly using Virus plugin integration , let me tell you my tricks and my explanations to understand all Virus TI INS and OUTS of MIDI&AUDIO signals .

    I have discovered that is just impossible to use Virus TI VST integration in multimode using USB Virus outputs because of sync timing problems especially when it comes to recording Virus ARPs or when I'm using different VST instruments side by side with Virus..

    For me Virus Ti & VST Virus plugin integration are working together perfectly ,only if I'm using Virus analog outs and not USB outs and if I use Virus as a main soundcard for all my Virus TI work, so basically in this situation I can't bounce the audio signal from Virus to DAW, so i must use onother soundcard in WDM mode to capture and record the Virus TI audio signal in Sonar.

    So the Virus TI audio signal is captured by another secondary soundcard and is recorded directly in Sonar .The signal is not recorded directly from the Virus to Sonar. Also Virus is used as the main soundcard. The other soundcard is only secondary used to capture different audio signals like microphone, Virus Ti signal..etc. For this reason I normally disable the audio outs from the secondary souncard and I keep only the necessary inputs . For secondary soundcard i use ECHO Audio Fire 8 with FIREWIRE connection.So for this reason, Virus Ti outputs are connected to my monitor speakers . And Virus Ti digital outputs are connected to my secondary soundcard. Because I work with Virus the other soundcard is left with no monitor speaker connection and is used only for incoming audio signal..

    To be more clear , when Virus Ti plugin is using Out1 L&R , this means the USB cable will use only MIDI data Virus >PC and DAW audio data that comes from PC to> Virus when your project is playing.

    In the opposite scenario , if you select USB outputs from the Virus plugin , Virus must send the audio singnal from the Virus > to > Computer and from Computer > back to > Virus . This means 2 steps !! not just one !! so this means a big time loose, and means that the USB cable and Virus processors will become exhausted, because of to much information. So basically in this situation Virus will sound desinchronized from the rest of your VSTs because he's loosing time. You will think that something is wrong with Virus TI..but in fact something is wrong with your setup because Virus is loosing time.

    To be more clear if you sellect Out1 L&R from your Virus Plugin, and if you're using your Virus soundcard in the main role, you have the fallowing signals:
    1) Your VSTs & audio tracks (your project) sound that comes from PC > to Virus TI > to speakers
    2) Your Virus TI sound that comes from Virus TI > to speakers
    3) MIDI data from Virus TI > to your DAW

    Because of WDM mode i can use 2 soundcards.The other soundcard is used for microphone recordings.... Pretty complicated but once you understand is simple and is working perfectly .This is the trick to make your Virus working perfectly in case you have big timing problems using the Virus plugin integration. Keep in mind that with ASIO you can't use 2 soundcards at the same time .

    And DON'T FORGHET TO PRESS THE LIVE BUTTON INSIDE YOUR Virus integration plugin. :thumbup:

    Also you must set your DAW latency to 128 samples-2,7 ms

    Also you must update your Virus and your Daw with the latest updates

    Also don't forget to check your PC system using a software called DPC latency checker because you must have your system latency bellow 80 us so if you dont have that latency you must set you sistem . And this means to disable different Bios and CPU functions ....Took me 2 weeks to find all settings .I will upload some special tutorials soon regarding how to set DPC !!.

    Also you must turn off your USB port's power save option. In Windows XP Pro

    • In Windows, click on Start >Control Panel (or Start >Settings >Control Panel).
    • Double-click on System, then open the Hardware tab.
    • Click Device Manager.
    • Click the + at Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
    • Right-click USB Root Hub and select Properties.
    • Open the Power Management tab.
    • Clear the checkmark from Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.
    • Click OK.
    • Repeat this procedure for the USB 2.0 Hub.

    For example is not working if I use ASIO because with ASIO I can use only one soundcard . :pinch: WDM seems a lot more flexible to set 2 or 3 soundcards for my project. I normally use the secondary soundcard only when I need to record audio inside Sonar. Maybe my setup looks a litle strange but is working . I can't find another way to work with Ti perfectly. Now I'm happy with my setup and I don;t care if is a little difficult because I like the perfect results.

    If you find my tutorial extremely useful and helpful and you manage to setup your Virus perfectly ,also I give you 50 sounds for free and in exchange you can consider my cheap soundset for purchase >

    Yes just add another set of more aggressive, punchy typical classic oscillators to sound punchier and full from the start . I really can't understand how Access can leave such an important
    fundamental aspect such as oscillators out of the question. I think they are planning a new set of oscillators . But when ?. Maybe in the next months ?.

    I understand that this classic Virus oscillators come from the first Virus model produced in 1997, 15 years ago. I expect Acces to add some new classic oscillators to complement the older ones. I think 15 years is enough !!. I mean is not 5 years . Is 15 years !!. I think will be normal to have a new additional set of classic oscillators every 5 years or so. Over 15 years have already passed and we are milking the same old classic oscillators . Just add new ones :thumbup:

    My soundset was selled only 17 times until now and over 2,5 months has already passed . :huh:

    It seems that a lot of people want everything for free. For this reason my complete work was offered for free one week only with a donation request !!.That week my soundset was downloaded 200 times 8| !! and over 20 users declared that my work is amazing but they don't have money for donation !!! 8| . Huhh ? :wacko:

    I was planning to release a special soundset !! something that has never been done before !! but now I have come to the conclusion that is better to keep the rest of my future work only for my self !! . Tell my that I'm wrong !! ?(

    A special mode in arpegiator, where you can play a meorised chord with just on key.

    And maby change the chord type with a parrameter.

    Would Be awsome

    are you requesting a special function that let you play a midi sequence inside virus ARP ?. and to change that midi sequence notes using a Virus piano roll editor encripted in Virus editor ? ?( This will be the greatest update o all times . ...

    Phishroom I don't really understand why are you so offended . He don't try to poison you . Of course you have a Virus !!. Just imagine !!. I am a sound designer and I create a good soundset. After I'm selling my first soundset I become desperate thinking that my work will be shared all over the internet or that my work will be sold by that person without my knowledge !!. This situation is a very sad one AND THIS SCENARIO IS REALLY HAPPENING lots of times!!. For example my work is copyrighted but this will not stop the other person to sell my work WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. Of course this is 100% unfair . When a sound designer is in a desperate situation he start to do strange things like collecting emails manually )))) ... Of course he is not a bad person . He just try to sell hes work more quickly to prevent a negative scenario !!. Why don't you think this way ?.

    Normally is illegal to send commercial messages to a person you don't know or he's not giving you that permission. But in this very particular situation he knew that you have a Virus and that you like music . So if you have a Virus is logic that you need good sounds and that you are interested in music. Usually bad spamers are also malicious hackers and
    they do a lot of bad bad things. They try to steel emails by breaking different sites and after they take all emails using hacking programs, they send tricky messages to all those email adresses . They try to full people and they destroy other companies ...For example I get a lot of spamming about how to enlarge my penis by tacking some magical pills . Or how to become a millionaire by reading a book ... I hate those kind of messages !!! because they are malicious. But if an artist will send me a message about a good special soundset I will be very happy and honored !!. You must understand the difference between a malicious spam and a positive commercial anouncement sended to you personally by another user from this community .

    So phishroom why so offended ?. He don't try to sell you heroin )). You have a virus right ?. And we are a community . We share the same passion . We have the same goal ...So in this situation I think that is normal if another Virus user is sending you his commercial work . I don't say that is a good thing to send a commercial email to other Virus user. But is not a bad thing either, because both users have a Virus and they make music. Damn !!. All I'm saying is that I don't understand why phishroom is so offended ?. :huh: Maybe he have other problems ?? . Hey phishroom . Please tell me what your problem is . Maybe I can help you with an advice . I'm also a very good psychiatrist. In my opinion I think that is impossible to become offended because another Virus user is sending you hes hard work . Maybe you have other problems and now you try to blame your problems because of an email 8| ?. Take care of your self .Don't be so sad. I wish you a good life and a great musical career.

    you can use patches created on older models with newer ones (e.g. a Virus B patch work in a Virus TI). but it doesn't work well the other way around, especially with Virus TI sounds due to a format change.
    best, marc

    so this means is not 100% acurate because Virus TI have new futures , but the patches will load in the older models with less accuracy ? but workable ? ..Ok thks