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    i understand,thank you for your info and time..
    and also about the modulation part of the track that you talked about,should i do it from the TI like u wrote or theres a different way?
    i also wanted to know,what did you do in the demo that made the sound goes owwww,like every end bar of the lead it sounded like a pitch sort did u do it?

    thank you so much...
    i will do that to see what result i come out with,from the demo i heard in your soundcloud i think it needs another layer if im not mistaken?
    like when your pitch goes down its almost creating the same effect as in the original,not sure if it needs maybe another pitch or more distortion...what do you think?
    and thank you again for your time and effort :)

    im using all the 16 channels of the virus also,but in order to get the not muddy effect i export them all into waves and mix and eq them sepreatly...
    that way each sound gets his own eq work/compression work and stereo work.
    if you apply 1 eq and etc to the virus channel,you will get the same eq to all the sounds,and thats not good,you need to give each sound his own eq and effects in order to get the best result.
    if you need any help with that,feel free to ask...

    hey,first thank you so much for your reply and help.
    i tryied to do what you wrote,but the result wasnt even close,so my guess is that im doing something wrong,just not sure what...
    is there any way you can show me in more specific how to get that sound?
    and about the modulation,i would love to know how to do it,so if you have the time to explain that will be great.
    Thanks again for your help

    hi everybody,does anyone knows how to make the vengence factory bank to work on the virus ti?
    i put it in the patches and it dosent show its there,and i sent vengeance guys an email and they never sent an answer.

    i just wanna make sure i understand,cos im very new to the TI
    virus control means the vst it self right?
    If so, when you click save in the plugin window go to personal libraries & you should see an option to create empty library. Click that & name your new library whatever you want, you can create as many new blank libraries as you want this way.
    that way seems to work pretty easy and smooth,and the presets i create stay that way,i tought you can only save via the virus it self in order to save a self made patch,didnt knew if ur using the vst you can save it just as easy and the patch stays.
    Thanks guys for your help,you help a lot :)
    Thank you

    i bought the ti from a shop,so im not sure about new banks...
    i got loads of roms,from A-Z and all are full with sounds,but i also have back up of them if im not mistaken.
    i already overwrite a few presets but thats ok,i dont think they were that great anyway from what i remember...
    plus u can do so many amazing sounds on the ti its insane hehe,and there are so many sounds for it out there from what i saw.

    Hi everybody,i hope this is the right place to ask this,im new to the TI,and i started to do my own sounds,and everytime i want to save it,it only gives me an option to overwrite it over an existing patch.
    is there any way i can save it to an empty patch section so that i won keep overwriting the existing files?
    Thanks in advance

    hi everybody,i hope its nota silly question,im new to the TI,i tryied to get the vengeance Access Virus: Virus TI Factory Bank

    to work and when i open the browser i dont see it anywhere,is it already in one of the roms?and if yes in which one?

    they write in the site:
    128 fresh sounds using all the new top features of the Virus TI, designed by Manuel Schleis. By default, you can find the sounds in the factory ROM area. Requirements: Access Virus TI

    can anyone tell me which rom it is or how to get it to open?

    thanks for you time.