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    I run Windows 64bit but I am using Cubase 5 32bit. Obviously I cant install the drivers for the Virus even into the x86 directory because I cant even get to that point to choose.

    Its really starting to annoy me because I spent £1200 on my TI and now I dont use it. I really am tempted now to sell it because, even though 64bit drivers and VC are on their way, im not sure how long im prepared to wait.
    I dont want to sell my TI, I really want to use it. But its a lot of money spent just to be sitting there, taunting me, when I might as well use that money to buy another synth.
    £1200 pound is alot of money to me, and at the moment I just feel like Ive wasted my hard earned on something which I really thought would work on Windows 64bit much sooner :(

    Truly gutted