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    Same problem with my 2008 mac pro 3.1. and guess what: i bought a belkin mtt hub and still got sync errors and still losing midi-connection.
    And just in case someone is lurking around saying my set up is fundamentally wrong, sorry i just did a fresh install, using an apogee firewire interface and have audio only plug ins (izotope, waves, soundtoys, sugar bytes, etc) installed.
    I'm running a studio since the early 90ies and definately do know what i do.
    Time for access to bring something to the table!

    Sold my TI Snow a few couple of weeks ago. Used to use it while im traveling as synth and soundcard but it was absolutely useless. It continuesly went out of sync, produced cracks, pops and always stopped audio while watching movies via flash player. support and forum admins couldn't help, saying same things like my set up is wrong bla bla..
    even tho i have a look from time to time if something happening regarding bug fixes or something here in the forum but nothing.
    i'm still using my old TI Desktop in the studio but it's buggy as fu** aswell.
    Virus TI sounds incredible without a doubt but at the same time it is the most annoying piece of gear i've ever bought.
    Have a look at gearsluts or logicuser, people are moaning everywhere!

    Haha this thread got me in tears even tho its pretty sad! No matter what audio forum u are everyone is moaning about the TI! It's absolutely terrible! I already sold my second ti because its pretty useless as an audio interface.
    I'm tired of fiddling around with ur betas. It's time for Access to get something stable to the table <-- LOL :D

    Erm, i've read the set up guide already. And obviously i'm not the only person having problems with the Ti. I have the most problems on the Mac Book but even on the Mac Pro in the studio i'm not satisfied with the performance of the Ti.
    So i think it's your driver which is pretty dodgy. I'll try your recommended hub but i don't think that this really helps me getting rid of these issues..

    Nope, i don't use a hub on my mac book.
    I'm just using the Mac Book for music-production while travelling, so there are no non music related applikations on there. Ozone 5, Fab Filter Bundle, some Waves + iLok are installed. That's all.

    It's happening in the tutorial song aswell and plugging to another USB Port doesn't resolve the problem neither.

    Theres also an issue in the browser section. when drag & dropping a patch from the upper browser window to public library (lower browser window), the soundbank from the upper window skips to another bank. Pretty strange!

    TI still losing the Midi-connection from time to time and disappeared in the audio-midi-sys-prefs.

    I did a clean install of yosemite and a clean install of the Virus TI Suite. I'm running out of ideas and switching back to Mavericks is not an option. Support couldn't helped me yet..

    try to use the analog outs while recording. once u finished midi recordings set the outs back to usb.
    i recommend u to bounce the midi-region as audio as soon as u are satisfied with them cause the ti is dodgy as fuck and will mess the playback up continously.
    Also check the "How to set up Virus Ti tutorial" here in the Forum.
    But to be honest, there will always be issues with it. Access obviously can't get rid of the timing bugs, etc.

    There still problems using the Ti as an interface for system related sounds (iTunes, Quicktime, Firefox). After a while the Audio-Driver suddenly stop working. Switching back to the integrated Speakers and then back to the Ti in the System-settings helps for a few minutes. Contacted support already about this, so lets see what will happen.

    I own a virus ti desktop 1 for my studio and a virus ti snow for travelling on my mac book as sound device and synth. it cant be used at the moment due to the driver issues. that means i cant produce music while im touring!

    it's almost 2 months since the mavericks update came up without any solutions from access to fix this thing!

    To be honest its pretty cheeky to tell us to not shooting the messenger!! we paid a lot of money for it (and by the way for your support), so don't tell us to stop shooting the messenger! hurry up with this fix!!! :evil:

    i just installed the USB Driver but the Virus still not work as sound device. Hope this will be fixed asap! I can't confirm any beeps or distortion aswell!


    as everybody knows its almost impossible to get Rackears for the TI Desktop 1.
    So it occured to me, that a friend of mine (a locksmith) could make them for me.

    Problem is, i need the exact measurement of the rack ears and really dont know how to get hold of it.

    I'll try to get it via support but not sure if they hand them out..

    i'd be grateful if anybody could help me out with the measurement!

    Thanks in advance!