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    hey thanks guys i have made sure the virus is on its own usb root hub well wen i click on it in device manager it says it is on hub 2 and nothing else is on there with it but it still crackles did this happen to u as well dan?? i just want to make sure the pci card is goin to fix my problems befor i buy one. does your speakers crackle and hiss even when your sequencer and no music or anything was playing?? mine starts to crackle and hiss as soon as i plug the usb cord in but only on my new computer it works fine on all others. thanks heaps for your help guys

    I found it crackled and hissed on everything even on its own. I use my virus as the main soundcard on my computer but after a while and me messing around with the setting in the control panel it seemed to dissappear. I have heard that using a hub can cause problems with the virus

    Have you tried version 4.5.3 as that seems to work great for me?


    The Z77 chipset provides 10 USB2.0 ports, 2 on the back panel and 8 through headers on the board itself (to connect to any socket configuration you wish). Try to use
    these ports instead of the USB3.0 ones. Also, use Windows device manager to make sure no other USB device is using the same root hub as the Virus.
    Good luck.

    Didn't realise you could use the Virus TI on USB 3 - I experienced similar problems with using Windows 7 and Cubase 6.5. I found the soluton was to use a dedicated USB PCI Card without anything else plugged in to it.

    I was on OS5 but I i've gone back to version 4.5.3 as that seem more stable.

    Best of luck

    Dan :thumbup:

    I couldn't tell you off the top of my head as it was one that ws already in my PC, I haven't got anything elase plugged into it if that helps but a dedicated PcI card is def best

    I seem to have resolved this issue. I have plugged the Virus into a dedicated USB PCI Card I have on my computer. And I have installed the new OS5 without any problems


    I generally take a basic lead patch and set the Freq and Filter LFOs to quite low around 2 or 3 and bobs your uncle

    Lock the LFOs and repeat with other patches to get a variation in sounds


    I am experiencing some problems with my Virus TI. I have just upgraded to Windows 7 with 8GB Ram and an I3 processor. Prior to this I was using XP with no problems. I will also be using Cubase 6.5.

    Basically I’ve downloaded the 64 bit version of OS 4.5.3 which installs fine but when the PC does the restart is says ‘No Virus Ti can be found’. I then attempt to connect it in the Control Centre which again doesn’t recognise the Virus but when I unplug the Virus , hold down exit and plug it back in again the Virus appears in the Control Centre. From that I have done the update on the firmware which updates the banks etc but even after that it says Virus Not Recognised.

    Has anyone else experienced problems with Windows 7? I have tried this in other USB ports on the motherboard and still receive the same problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance


    there is an entire manual dedicated to atomizer but setting up a side chained audio instrument in cubase does not work since cubase does not support audio instrument side chaining. there is nothing we can do about it. you're free to contact steinberg and ask them why cubase does not support steinberg's own VST standard in this regard.
    best, marc

    Thanks Marc, I am using Cubase and I am aware of the problem with the VST plugin and why it is not supported. I will contact Steinberg about this.

    The same goes for the Vocoder as I still haven't managed to work out how to use it but would love to know how. Cheers

    I've given up on the Atomizer, I managed to get it working in different ways through different methods but its not straight forward at all.

    There isn't much guidance from Access at all to know how to use it and wish it was more user friendly as think it would be an amazing tool I would use in my studio sessions.

    Make it easier please Access as everything else is a dream to use.