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    Dropping by my old thread just to say... I finally captured the mythical white beast!

    I paid a solid premium over a regular version, but it's been the one synth I've always wanted. Sold my gray TI2 to help cover the cost, so it wasn't so hard. Plan on keeping this forever!

    In search of a replacement high C key, the full width key at the end of the keyboard. In this case it’s for a Virus TI Polar.

    Am I correct in thinking that it’s a Fatar TP-9 keybed, so the same key from any TP-9 will work?

    The bottom of the key where it catches/latches broke, so the key springs up out of place. Any leads greatly appreciated.

    You ever get one ? I’m sure you have by now , but there’s one currently on eBay…Fulk%2Fitm%2F153814258716

    white out - desktop, not sure why it has to be 300 qid extra second hand for the sake of being a colour that exposes filth and dust more so but hey ho if you ain’t a filthy bastard like myself ignore my thoughts :)

    I really appreciate your looking out. I spotted that particular one a week or so ago, they had it listed 100 higher, even. Unfortunately the seller won’t ship to USA. Actually tried messaging them to ask for an exception, as a 20 year ebayer with perfect feedback, but never heard anything back.

    Wasn’t too excited about the price (over $1800 USD now, was $1950 before). Guessing they will continue to drop price until they find a buyer, as it’s a pawn shop and are just wanting to move it rather than hold out for top dollar.

    I’m wondering if my message even sent through to them, because of the “doesn’t post to United States” setting on the auction. I was not able to even view the item while I was logged in to eBay, and had to logout and go through the UK site. I first found it by doing some googling and looking high and low for a whiteout desktop.

    wouldn't it be on option to make make the code of the Virus Plugin publicly available. I guess there are some clever people around who could adjust the plugin faster than Access could ever do ...

    Weird, I just popped in and had a similar idea on another thread that I went to first, then saw this. Well, as someone already mentioned in the case of the plugin there is the underlying issue of the 3rd party (Ploytec) driver.

    BUT still I don’t think it’s a terrible idea to open source the plugin code and let people have at it, and maybe eventually the internal code as well. If Access ultimately have no intention of further developing the Virus line (hardware and software), then this is a potential end-of-life option they should consider. Would be a gracious and wonderful send off for what was an amazing product line for over two decades. But I’m not willing to give up hope that they will bring Virus back to life.

    I'd have to strongly disagree with the first sentence, agree with the second. The only thing I really want at this point, is an update of the Virus plugin. It still looks and feels like a 10 year old program. It needs to be scalable, as I can barely read the damn thing, and they could certainly update the interface to make it easier to move around and drag and drop things. What I'd REALLY like is a standalone library editor. I love my TI2, but I absolutely hate the abandonware, and I'd likely be more productive had I an interface that feels like something that could have come out in the last year or two.

    But, not holding my breath, I don't really think Access gives a flying fig about this, and I can't understand why - they're still selling and making them, you'd think, even if it's only got a year or so left, you'd at least want new users to have an updated interface.

    I stand corrected. You’re right, we could use an update to the plugin interface.

    For a standalone library editor... hmmm... I think there is an iOS app that I downloaded but haven’t ever tried. Gonna check it out.

    I guess I’ve had trouble coming to terms with Virus Control as abandonware, and I still don’t want to think of it as such, because the job posting indicates they do want to solve the problem. Gonna need to find the person to do it.

    A big part of the equation is the part that we as users just don’t know (and really don’t “need” to know)... is Access maintaining profitability? I hate to say it, but the pressures of maintaining a viable company in the modern age, especially when it’s producing a hardware/software combo like the Virus, whoa I don’t wanna imagine what it’s like. I think it’s more just coasting along in “maintenance mode” while Kemper’s focus (and profit center) is elsewhere. Keep the Access Virus alive as a brand and product, and perhaps they will choose to breathe new life into it along the way.

    ozon is right... there isn’t a lot of real competition to the Virus. I picked up the Hydrasynth and love it for what it is, but I can’t help but thinking “if I could just squish these two things together into some sort of HydraVirusTI3 thingy.” Seriously, I just want that new Virus with everything the current TI2 does, but updated with today’s (ok “tomorrow’s”) hardware and technology that blows away everything out there. But if Access doesn’t even have someone to update the plugin for Catalina, they must not have the talent on hand to reboot and revamp Virus TI2->TI3.

    There are a few alternative ways forward rather than Kemper/Access deciding to simply “make a TI3” (which is likely almost building an entirely new business, depending on the current state of the company):

    First, they could partner with a currently active company that could benefit from such an association and create a “TI3”. Let’s say for example Ashun Sound Machines. Brand new, small, agile synth maker with a great mashup of pros. They just brought Hydrasynth to market. Have them collaborate on a TI3, that HydraVirusThingy I mentioned. They could get access (no pun intended) to some of the amazing stuff behind the Virus, and bring another product to market that will immediately get the attention of a HUGE user base and the power of the Virus brand. I’d think there is a small but real window for such an opportunity. Before long the Hydrasynth is going to get “discovered” (it’s no secret, but it takes a while for a product to get in the hands of people that can make it truly famous, like Virus level fame). By then, ASM will say “nah, we got our own thing going on”. I really believe they have this potential, and there is some amazing stuff going on with that synth, but this is the Virus board so back to that.

    Access could stick with the TI2, we know it’s still an incredibly capable piece of tech, but they could re-ignite the fire and redevelop the plugin for a new generation of users. This lets them continue to sell the TI2 with a fresh face because of more features and a top notch current plugin that’s better than anything out there. Hypothetically. Gonna need to find those devs, I guess.

    OR, I have an idea that might be “just crazy enough to work”.... perhaps Access decides the Virus is the Virus and they just won’t reinvent a classic super synth. Well, let’s OPEN SOURCE IT. Yep. Just spill the code. Put the hardware and software source code out there for anyone and everyone to do what they please with it.

    On one hand, this is giving up all the tech that went into it, but on the other hand, great things might happen. People could start hacking together the TI3 from the inside out. Someone creates and amazing new plugin for Mac/PC/iOS/whatever and it breathes new life into the hardware. Importantly, people keep buying the hardware. Access gets to benefit on continued hardware sales. THEN, they update the hardware, maybe just some small changes like 2x DSP chips, upgrade to USB3, and put some RGB LEDs in it for the weirdos like me. And the open source devs keep on doing their thing.

    I dunno, I’m just throwing out ideas. If it’s only the few of us in this thread that think about it, eh, whatever, I’m ok with that. I know there are some Virus diehards here like Timo... LOL just 12 post? Welcome to the board, noob, from another noob! ;) ;) ;) Heck, we might very well be rambling about a new TI3 another 10 years from now, whether it’s here, back on Infekted (keep it alive!), or on the Web 5D or whatever we have then. And I’ll still take a minute for INIT patch, spill a little beer for the Virus bros and hos that couldn’t be here, and make some more weird sounds with this flashy blinky noise box.

    BTW, I like that I can pull up Infekted and I’m still logged in, while here, even if I click “keep me logged in for the next 4 weeks” it forgets who I am the very next day.

    Quote from phishroom

    I don’t think anyone thinks for a moment that Access are actually working on a Virus TI3. (On the contrary, I have been hard at work on a fully operational prototype in my mind, and it’s amazing!)

    Laughed out loud at the egotistical ambiance of unwarranted self importance in this statement and skipped the rest of your post.

    Oh my. Sorry, as that was not my intent. It was merely an attempt at humor.

    When I said, “I have been hard at work on a fully operational prototype in my mind, and it’s amazing!”

    ...I only meant that I regularly fantasize about a Virus TI3. I’m no synth engineer. My mental “prototype” has a sparkly finish made from unicorn snot, all the LEDs are blindingly ultraviolet, there is a goggles-free 3D touchable holographic interface for waveshaping. So basically I have it all figured out and am just waiting for Access to cut me a check for design services.

    I guess when threads get deep into the abyss of driver problems and failure to deliver timely updates, sometimes we get a little fired up. I’m still a little miffed about that, but I’m only here because I love the Virus more than I hate software problems.

    Synths have undergone a massive renaissance the last few years. Would dearly love to roadtest a new Virus.

    I agree... we seem to be at a nexus in Synth history where everything is looking good... except the questionable future of the Access Virus. :(

    The industry seems well fed. Not knowing any of the numbers, I’d guess that synth sales figures are excellent and forecast to continue in the near future.. The world’s synth consumers seem to be doing well economically and buying new toys. My “evidence” for this is that companies are putting money into research and development, releasing brand new synth designs, and we also have this massive resurgence of interstellar and production in vintage synths. There are new synth manufacturers springing up (such as ASM) and there seems to be room for growth in this market. Otherwise I don’t think new small companies would be getting the startup funding and the big companies would not be going full speed ahead with new products. This is a moment of expansion for the synth economy.

    Admittedly, the Virus is a mature product that does so much, so very well. Aside from the needed Mac/driver update, I don’t feel like we “need” anything in terms of software or features for the current model. I don’t really expect Access to be turning out new OS versions or fresh features. I can also only assume that sales of new Virus models continue to meet Access’s expectations. Also just speculation, but as far as I can see there are still plenty new units in physical inventory. Maybe not lots, but enough to continue selling. More importantly, the published retail prices have stayed strong, at ~$2k for a desktop and ~$3k for a 37 or 61 keyboard (USD). Surely market forces apply, and if there was a “need” to sell more units then Access would react accordingly. Likewise the secondary used market seems stable, without much change in prices there over several years. Secondhand Virus units continue to hold value, and that value is in line with expectations considering the retail prices.

    Parent company Kemper appears to be very strong, and is dominating the market with their Profiler product line. We can only hope to see them reinvest some of this success horizontally to revitalize the Virus brand. This could be both financial support as well as talent and tech, perhaps applying the amazing stuff they are doing with the Profiler to a synth & effects modeler. When I look at the Profiler stuff, the artistry and lineage of the Virus is apparent.

    I’ve decided that when I finally win millions in the lottery, one of my first projects will be to create the next Virus synth. Yeah, I realize if I was that wealthy I could just create my own new synth from a brand new company with a new name. But that’s how much I love the Virus... I’d like to build on that legacy.

    The only problem with my plan? I don’t really play the lottery, and I know nothing about building synths.

    I’m running a Behringer UMC1820 with Virus. Gives me plenty of inputs so I can route all the stereo pairs in. 19” rackmount. Great controls for use as headphone monitoring output. I’m actually going to add-on a Behringer ADA8200 to utilize the 8 inputs on that -> ADAT input on UMC1820 and get the most inputs possible.

    My only disappointment is that I wanted to use the SPDIF but the SPDIF input on the Behringer won’t allow direct live monitoring, it needs to route through the DAW first.

    I love that I can use the Behringer with my Mac DAW rig, but I can also plug it in direct to an iPad Pro and use Aum/Auria/etc.

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    I saw this the other day, maybe taking it apart a bit for inspection might help locate or solve the problem?

    Are you saying that one key stopped working then the next one, then the next one, etc. all in line? Did it happen to start at one end key or just a random key?

    And third: even though Access may be working on a Virus TI3 rightnow, I think they're shooting themselves in the foot by not first fixing this. I for one am definitely not throwing my money again at a company that has a trackrecord of having such disappointing software support..

    I don’t think anyone thinks for a moment that Access are actually working on a Virus TI3. (On the contrary, I have been hard at work on a fully operational prototype in my mind, and it’s amazing!)

    A recent job listing indicated that Access are trying to hire a coder to update the TI software to current OS requirements (we think).

    To me the job listing represents hope. They have at least indicated they want to bring OS support up to date on the Virus TI series. As far as feature development, I don’t know that things are hopeful there but I wouldn’t say there is an extreme need for that. As long as drivers and plugins function again, Virus users will continue to enjoy what is one of the world’s greatest digital synths to its full potential.

    But I think it’s completely unfair to say that the company “has a track record of having such disappointing software support” because as a Virus user for many, many years I can say this is simply not true. The software development and feature additions that happened over the course of several years to support the TI series has been fantastic. Their TI approach was a breakthrough in the industry, but this put them in a unique position to be battling pure soft synthplugins vs their Hardware/TI Software combo. You have to imagine that Kemper and the other minds behind the Virus have spent a significant part of a career creating this amazing tool that has been adopted by musicians, producers, creators, hobbyists, worldwide. It’s enjoyed a long term survival in a constantly innovating marketplace where most other synths are born, live, and die within a couple years because they are not so unique, powerful or have the impact of the Virus. Looking at the product’s lifetime, I think it’s been a great and long lasting success.

    Is the Virus “dead”? ... no, I don’t think so. In fact my Polar still enjoys the “honored position” sitting right next to my DAW rig, closer than any of the newest, latest, greatest, or oldest, vintage, classics in my collection. The favorite child, so to speak.

    It’s only been 3 months since Mac OS X Catalina launched. That is seriously not a long time in the world of software development, and while I wish that Access updated the Virus TI software by now, I don’t think it’s very unusual that they haven’t. Yes, this has kept me from updating my iMac’s OS to the “latest and greatest” but the thing is, it’s working just fine. I learned many years ago that it was a bad idea to update software right away. Too many unknown bugs with peripherals that can’t be squashed until found. Not even the best public beta program can guarantee this.

    From the consumer perspective, it seems Kemper is very, very, very focused on the Kemper profiler series and it’s been a massive success in the guitar market. Perhaps they will devote some of those resources and energy to re-birth the Access Virus brand. I don’t see this as a problem, I see it as a potential great benefit to the future of the Virus. Others might say “booo, Kemper doesn’t care about the Virus, it’s all about the Profiler”. Honestly, I bet Kemper loves the Virus even more than me, you, and the rest of this board combined. I know if I created something like this I’d be super proud of it until my final day. I would want it to thrive and benefit everyone involved, from those who made it, support it, use it, and ultimately turn it’s sounds into art. What an amazing legacy.

    Having a new project see just as much if not more success, like the Profiler? Wow, this is brilliant. Not resting on your laurels, continuing to innovate and create the best of the best... there is something going very right with Kemper. And next week is the NAMM 2020 show where they will be showing off this success (and maybe even unveiling more). I hope they have the most successful presence yet. I hope they sell a ton of gear. I hope they make a load of cash. Then I hope they dump a little extra back towards Access and we might very well start hearing rumors of the Virus TI3. But in the very least after the dust settles from NAMM, I’m sure that we’ll get an updated TI driver/software within the next few months. That might seem like a long time to you or me, but it’s not that big of deal in the grand scheme of things. This isn’t the driver for a life-saving brain surgery robot arm, it’s a sound thingy.

    I like that we’re talking about it, well maybe I’m just rambling into the void. I like that the Virus is still that important to us. We are not alone. There have been thousands of views of this thread because so many active Virus users are looking for the update. Heck, I bet there is enough interested we could crowdfund the hiring of a developer to fix the issue if Access would give them... access (pun intended). I have been paying attention to a few forums lately and I can’t count how many times I hear the Virus praised. Yeah, I’ve fallen for needing the latest/greatest. Picked up a Hydrasynth and Argon8 recently. Really liking them, but I always come back home to the Virus. And guess what? They all work just fine without my computer even being turned on, so there’s always that.


    Wanted to follow up with one other thing I just found. Here is a boring but detailed explanation of some specifics with syncing Ableton Live and the Roland TR-8S:

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    Also, you first said “I wish I could use my Roland TR8 to control my ti virus”... but what specifically are you trying to control? Do you want to send a midi sequence out to play notes on the Virus? I don’t think this is possible. Rather, you can use Ableton Live to send MIDI notes to the Virus. All three can be synced with MIDI clock to operate in time.

    For external gear that could sequence the Virus TI, an option from Roland is the MC-101 or MC-707. They can sequence notes/chords/phrases and really “play” the Virus as I think you’re wanting. But again, Ableton Live will do this, which you already have.

    This may or may not make a difference, but it’s worth trying a different power cord, as well as plugging into a different outlet (esp. conditioned power).

    Also, disconnect all cables except for power and see if that makes a difference. Perhaps it’s related to some stray current and a grounding issue. It’s at least worth ruling out before you dig any deeper. If the display is going bad, it is replaceable.

    Looking for the mythical beast, a Virus TI2 Desktop Whiteout. If you have one, know of one, or even just saw one, any leads are appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S. I can’t believe it‘s been 10 years since this special edition was released. How about a re-release? I know asking for a TI3 isn’t going to happen, but since the Polar Dark Star was re-released perhaps there’s a chance.

    Recently acquired a TI2 with keyboard which I had been wanting for a while. As such, I've got my TI2 Desktop Whiteout Limited Edition (only 100 made, apparently) for sale. Listing at $1900 but open to offers. Never gigged, only used in home studio, kept with a dust cover. Basically near-new condition, with a couple of tiny scratches on the left side. Will ship to continental US only. Gorgeous synth, sad to see it go, and want it to find a good home. Make an offer! :)

    P.S. Happy to send more pics as well.

    I realize your post is a year and a half old, but any chance you still have the Whiteout Desktop? I’ve been searching for one without any luck so far. Perhaps even if you did sell it I might be able to track down the new owner and maybe they’re ready to pass it on.