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    You know I have to say it's getting absurd now. OS5 was announced during NAAM, we are almost 6 months past that. Unless they are really attempting to have a major game changing update that gets all the bugs out and make it run super stable it should not be taking this long. If you announce something during Jan in this information hungry society and then almost half a year later, while other companies that announced products during NAAM like UA with the Apollo, Moog with the Minitaur have shipped their products, your telling me that we can't even get a release date? Awesome. :thumbdown:

    Hey Falbberbob, thanks for responding. Yes i tried to change the balance as well because I believe when you set it to OUT L&R the balance is
    (-64). But even if I go to Zero or the other extreme it still has no sound. Can you confirm that u can change the outputs from the Virus itself if you have your virus hooked up usb as well as spidf or just regular analog outs 1-2?

    After you select the outputs from the edit screen, do you have to press some sort of "enter" button ? I doubt it right ? This is my second virus and I get around it pretty good, but since I got an Apollo from UA my workflow has changed and I'm trying to have everything work without a problem.

    thanks in advance !!!!

    So here is the deal, my darkstar is hooked up USB to my iMac and the main outputs are also hooked up via spidf to my UA Apollo. Is there anyway to change the outputs from USB to analog without opening VC? I know that if I unhook the USB cable prior to starting up my computer then the analog outputs are active but I don't want to keep on unhooking the USB cable- I'm hoping there is a way to change the outputs from the virus itself ..... ?(

    I realize that USB vs Spidf is pretty much the same signal, in my case I use spidf which goes into my UA Apollo which I track with some plugins and record straight into Logic with no latency 8)

    Chain is usually a Studer Tape machine > neve 1073 > Fatso - Virus sounds INCREDIBLE :!::!:8o

    I recently started recording thought the spidf connection from my darkstar into my Apollo - I have to say its much better. There is no conversion so you don't have any degradation of the signal. I feel the signal is even a little cleaner. Just my 2 cents. If you have the capability to go spidf then you should def try it out :thumbup:

    I think what you are referring to is the Modulation Matrix. The easiest way is to do this through Virus Control - Matrix Tab - Set the Mod wheel as the Source and then you have 3 parameter to choose from. I like to put arp note length on the mod wheel and it gives me a great effect during an arp. The possibilities are endless - Tweak Away :D

    I know there have been threads on every board about this subject but hey, time for a tune up!! Everybody please list any soundsets you purchased or even free ones. I find that I learn the most about sound design from reverse engineering great patches. I haven't purchased any commercial patches - please point me in the right direction :) Thanks!!

    Thanks for the response guys !! I figured that I would have to dump the files into the ROM/RAM banks, I was just hoping there was a way to cycle thru them without doing that. Actually that would be a great addition to a future update. I mean, I can sit at the computer and search for patches using categories but I prefer to be in front of the virus when I'm making sounds or reverse engineering them to learn. I just don't see how it can't see it on the virus. I thought VC would be able to do that :( Im hopeful though, access is great with updates and customer support. Anyway Thanks again!!!