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    Hi all,

    this morning I update my Virus TI Software Installer but I cannot find icon for my Virus Control Center (Update OS Version, burn to flash function etc.)

    Where do I find this file to install my Virus TI Control Center, thank you for your support. ^^

    Problem solved - did a second Repair during installation - now Control Center is there!

    Thank you very much MrMowgli as well
    Oh dear - that is really great, my god this Virus machine is really really awesome.
    By far the best synth I ever had!!!

    Btw interesting with transpose function so that you don't have to play with two fingers

    Thank you, I will have a try.

    Very happy that from today on I am able to record with Cubase 5.1 - a big milestone for me

    Maybe I can use Omnispere 2 or Native Instruments Komplete one day a thousand years

    Hmm, sonds easy, I will open Virus Control and see what happens...
    If it doesn' work I'LOL come back to you.
    No idea why you mentioned "sequencer" - I only use Virus Control for Backup, Restore my Backup and burn to Flash to ROM banks.
    As far aus I remember it was mit possible - can I call Any hotline if it does bot work.
    btw you can also Write German which is easier for me steh by step, thank you.

    Hi all,

    I have read that Virus has also the function to layer several sounds (e.g. RAM 01 and RAM 02 together).

    How can I do this step by step (for idiots ;) in Multi Mode - I have no idea how to do this even by using the manuals

    Thank you.

    Hi all,

    how can I transfer a ***.vtibackup file to a mid file or SysEx file:

    Reason: I want to play some of my RAM sounds in combination with sounds stored in the ***.vtibackup file (approx. 10 sounds in this file9 but I don´t know how I can store them seperately without removing my backup from the TI.

    Thx in advance for your help.



    I know that Virus can load mid files with "Flash to burn" on a certain selected bank.

    But what about sysex files? Can I transfer e.g. sysex to mid file with my Blofeld editor or is it limited only to Blofeld - I guess it works, right?

    Sorry for this beginner question but I am a pure amateur without broad technical knowledge - I even don´t use DAW.

    Thank you.

    PS: If anybody created Gary Numan sounds please post it to me ;-)) :D

    Hi Joeri,

    thx for your helpful hints - still trying to emulate ;-))

    I case "you got it" I´m eager to get to know the mid-file.



    PS: The Splinter Gig in Cologne was fabulous!!! Got a picture with Gary and a photo!

    Hi everybody,

    I got my Virus TI 1,5 years ago in addition to Yamaha AN1X/Yamaha MO6. As for drums I sometimes use my Yamaha RX11 and BOSS Dr. Rhythm.

    Sold my Poly 800 and Roland D50 - was not really convinced about those two synths.

    I would love to play more original Gary Numan string and pad sounds - so if anybody has an idea where to get those sounds from or how to create a sound on top of a preset - pls. let me know.

    I also like ULTRAVOX -

    Keep in touch and have fun,