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    you're right, that's not the quality we aim for and i'd like to take the chance to apologies to you fore the hassle. could you please contact support by email and submit the serial number of your darkstar att. marc? i'd like to check a couple of things for you.


    Thank you Mark, appreciate your help. Already sent (19.6.2018) my Virus to local music shop for a warranty service.

    April 2018 I bought brand new Access Virus TI2 Darkstar but I found, that MIDI OUT port doesn’t transmit any data so I sent it to repair (under warranty). More info here:…NO-MIDI-OUT-TI2-Darkstar/
    After 1 month received my Access back and first thing I checked, if everything works as should be. I was really happy because MIDI problem was solved, BUT…

    To my surprise I found (this time) that modulation wheel doesn’t work! Sounds parameters not react in standalone neither USB mode. When I connect external keyboard and turn mod wheel (on this MIDI keyboard), Virus sounds react and changing mod wheel paramaters normally. So then I connect Virus to MIDI Monitor utility and discovered, mod wheel not sending any MIDI data (pitch bend wheel and keyboard sending data normally). So it’s definitely another HW problem with my Virus.

    I just want to mention, this is my second Access product. Several years ago I had new 5 octave TI2 keyboard version and also was two times in warranty service (1. defective motherboard, 2. power supply problem)!!! Now, it looks like same crappy destiny with my Darkstar. I don’t know what is wrong with you guys (Access Team), but this is certainly not the quality, that synth for 2400e deserves!

    *UPDATE: Today I found that when playing (in standalone, no MIDI or USB cable connected) after a while, the sound (any preset) suddenly jumps to maximum level of parameter assigned to mod wheel. For example: mod wheel has assigned filter cutoff, then (for no reason and randomly) the sound jumps from closed to max. opened filter frequency. But I can not affect it in any way or turn it back, because mod wheel doesn’t work.

    3 Weeks ago I got a brand new ACCESS VIRUS TI2 Darkstar edition. Today I tried to use it as a keyboard for my external gear and found that the MIDI OUT port doesn’t transmit any data. MIDI IN works just fine. Also, when I connect Virus to a computer, MIDI via USB port (cable) works perfect. Problem is only sending information from classic MIDI DIN 5 connector (no transmitting signal at all). I tried every options…new MIDI cables, changed internal settings, connect to different synths, reinstalled firmware…nothing helped. I also had a POLAR version, which worked perfect (with the same settings and cables). Also want to mention my Virus is in standalone mode…no USB cable connected to computer in the same time…just DIN 5 OUT.

    Looks like I have exact the same problem as this guy:…o-MIDI-OUT-TI2-Polar/?l=2

    So, I think it is probably a hardware problem and faulty unit. Should I send it to my local seller for a warranty repair? My Virus is almost brand new.

    Thank you