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    After having a few problems getting the virus plugin to work with Sonar X1(d) (mainly due to my Creative X-Fi Titanium card not supporting the ASIO buffer size) I tried the ASIO4all driver with success.

    Note: for everyone with an X-Fi Titanium

    It turned out that having the X-Fi in the 'Entertainment' or 'Game' modes meant the Virus ASIO driver would be greyed out.
    I then found out the way to enable the Virus ASIO Driver in Sonar was to set the card to 'Audio Creation' mode then all was fine.

    Now I was in Sonar using the Virus ASIO driver and everything was fine (USB MIDI, Audio and Latency).
    Reading all the USB problems (Macs and PC's) I struggled to find why so many people are having problems although I can't speak for the Mac fraternity.

    Then today the nightmare began when I fired up Sonar.

    First the plugin failed to load in Sonar saying 'communication error' and it would drop out of Windows USB recognition and become an 'unknown device' with a big yellow exclamation on it.
    Then I would have to power cycle & reset the Virus, reboot the PC (whilst removing all USB/power leads etc) and it would do it all over again as soon as I started Sonar - aaaahhhh !! 'a 2 week old virus is going back to the shop' thoughts were occurring.

    The clue lay in when I tried to update the Virus using the 'Control Center' application - it would get some way then freeze and the Virus would be left in an unfinished state.

    You know what I am going to say from the title of the thread - now with my PC it was tricky to find a USB 2.0 port, I only have two of them on the front (all the rear ones are USB 3.0).
    My PC is a reasonble spec (by my standards!) i7/8Gb/ASUS ROG Maximus board, Win 7 (x64) etc etc so I knew it could not be a performance issue and besides it worked when I first got it.

    The problems disappeared when I unplugged the USB 3.0 connector from the back and then plugged it in at the front (USB 2.0) which is what I probably (randomly) used when I first connected it but had forgotten.

    The moral is, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, is that USB 3.0 may be stated to be completely compatible with USB 2.0 (which it normally is as I have everything else I use such as mouse, keyboard printer etc in USB 3.0) but just NOT with the Virus driver (version 4.53.00 with Win 7 x64 at least).The USB 3.0 chipset on my board is mad by Renesas (NEC).

    To confirm this theory I tried the Virus with another PC with a motherboard that used the USB 3.0 Renesas chipset and Win 7 (x64) and got the the same results.

    I am no expert but I would tentatively advise the Access firmware guys to look at USB 3.0 compatibility in Win 7 (x64) before releasing V5 as there is definitely something amiss there.



    I have a similar problem to a user who was trying to use the Fruity Loops application.

    I also have connected a TI2 desktop to a W7x64 PC but with Sonar X1(rev.d) and whenever I started the Virus plugin (32 bit) I got the message "Virus TI has discovered a setup problem. Audio Interface Buffer is too Large. Reduce it to 512". His message was slightly different -"The host is using an odd audio interface buffer size which causes communication problems. Please adjust the buffer size to any of the following sample values instead: 64 128 256 512"

    After the message the plugin just showed "Starting" and did connect to the Ti.
    I then forced Sonar to use the 64 bit plugin version. It still comes up with the buffer warning but the plugin actually fired up (after syncing all the banks).
    Like the other user my soundcard is also a Creative X-Fi Titanium and it only allows me to put buffer latency on 1,2,4,5,710,20,40,50,60,80,100 etc.
    I am also having trouble getting it to accept the Virus ASIO I/O driver on the latency dropdown - it always reverts to the Creative ASIO I/O.

    Should I bite the bullet and use the ASIO4all driver instead of the X-Fi Titanium ASIO driver?
    Shouldn't this all work out of the box without having to install another driver or have Creative created a donkey??

    Kind regards,