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    I have a virus Ti2 Desktop and also have a problem with values changing when loading projects in Ableton. When I load up a project, the pitch is sometimes not the same as the values indicate, but 1 or 2 semitones higher or lower and this can vary quite randomly. I have also recently upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition hoping that this would remedy the problem, I thought it had until it recently started to happen again.

    I have also layered sounds on different channels and have also had the pitch values being correct and the same, but the pitch being correct on say one channel and wrong on another.

    Hello, I have been using the latest OS in my Virus Ti2 with the vsti for PC and am using Windows 10. Everything works fine with Ableton until I try recording and then I need to push the live button to sync my note data properly. Thing is is that when I have finished recording, I have to take the live button off again otherwise there are note timing issues. Also, sometimes when I have loaded a project, I get note timing issues until I push the live button on and off, but this will continue only until I have done so.

    And then there is one more issue with pitch, which seems to randomly change by transposing a track (Any track) down by one or two semitones from its fixed pitch on loading. It can be quite confusing as when I correct the tuning and save the project, it will transpose the pitch up one or two semitones when I reload. This doesn't happen all the time but when it does can be quite annoying.

    Has anybody else had any similar problems and if so, is there a new ti2 OS and vsti for Windows due out that fixes these bugs?

    I have been having issues with my virus TI desktop and have tried everything I can possibly think of to get it to connect to my computer. The problem started when I unplugged it for a day or so and then switched it back on. I use windows 7 64 bit and haven't really had any problems with it up till now. When I connect my TI it tries to install the driver and then comes up with a message box in windows saying that the device driver has failed to install and in the device manager it says that the device cannot start. When I load up the control center it says that no virus TI can be found and only recognizes the device when I boot the TI in update mode, at which point I am able to talk to the device and the Virus TI USB driver is shown as installed in the device manager. As soon as I exit the control center, the USB Driver stops working and the virus disconnects its self from the PC. If I load up the plugin, in say Ableton, It just comes up with an error saying that the virus is not connected. I have tried Re-upgrading/repairing my windows 7 instillation, but this has had no affect on improving the situation and all of the above problems are still occurring. I have also tried re-installing and upgrading the driver, but this also has had had no effect. I have just ordered a new copy of windows 8 in the hope that this will solve the issue, but if anyone can help in the meantime I would sure appreciate it.

    thank you.