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    The Virus ti must have the same buffer setting than your soundcard !!!
    to find out, just change the asio driver from soundcard to virus ti, AND check the buffersize.
    the ti worked with 128 + save buffer. and the motu worked with 512. ( wrong setting)
    so i changed the asio driver back to motu interface AND changed the buffersize to 128 !!!

    Are you really sure of that ?
    If I use my Roland soundcard, The internal TI soundcard is not used anymore and the driver are (i think) released and the TI buffer size should not matter anymore .

    Anyway, If my sound card buffer is set to 256 and the TI buffer to 512 the crackles nearly disapear but the Sync error problem is still here.

    Hope access works on theses issues :(

    I also have the same problem with OS5 beta (crackling sounds and Sync error)

    - I made a clean install but same result

    What I have done.

    - Unistalled the soft suite from thje uninstaller manager
    - Tried to uninstall the drivers 4.x (+deletation of the driver). Got a blue screen. After a reboot I could finally delete the drivers (from the device manager).

    - I installed the OS5 beta + Firmware update OK
    - Changed the buffer size to 512 and put the application priority to "high".

    - I Don't use the TI as a soundcard but a Roland Quad Capture.

    ->>> Cracking sounds are still there and Sync errors (whatever the buffer size).

    I downgraded to the latest 4.x official release (+ Firmware downgrade) - Everything works as before.

    My setup:
    Windows 7 sp1 x64
    Asus Laptop with Core I7 cpu
    RAM 16GB
    120 GB SSD Drive (for the OS) and a 500GB HDD USB3 drive for the soundbanks and Apps.
    Roland Quad capture used as soundcard (asio drivers)
    DAW : Live8 / Studio One
    Virus TI2 plugged on USB2 port (alone).

    Hope it will help.

    Hey guys.

    I used to make my beats with Reason (REDRUM) beacuse I like the SCREAMER fx.

    Since my last songs I use Maschine.

    Gab666 and AlexSPAZ, do you have soundcloud accounts ?

    Hello gabriel.

    I'm from France (94) too and I'm a TI2 desktop user.
    All my songs are nearly 100% virus made except for the drums. I love this synth so much !

    Nice to see more french guys in the forum !

    Thanks flabberbob but there's no sidechain button :(

    I guess I will have to feed my TI from an external source.

    I could route my drum loop audio track to the sound card Output 3/4
    Then I could use these 3/4 outputs to feed my TI inputs.
    All the others tracks (vst, Ti, etc...) would be routed to the sound card outputs 1/2.

    Now I wonder if the configuration outputs 3/4 -> processed by TI -> Outputs 1/2 won't create an audio loop and an infinite feedback....

    I hope I'm clear... :S

    Has Anybody tried this configuration ? It's like a snake biting its own tail (as we could say here in France ;) )

    By the way my Quad Capture soundcard has only 2 outputs so I cannot test it myself!

    :?: Hello,

    I would like to know if there is a way to use sidechain with my Virus TI in Studio one ?
    I use another sound card
    VC is up with the following IO configuration (3 outpouts / 1 input).
    I had a drum loop in an audiotrack.
    I want this drum loop to be processed by the TI Atomizer function. How can I do that ?

    Thank you.