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    Hi folks,

    I've captured a very short recording of my issue, maybe you can help me resolving it...


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    Unfortunately, I did not manage to capture it with sound, but the TI only crackles if the filter-value changes (automation).
    Or should I say it crackles a lot more often... sometimes, if the filter is set somewhere lower it also causes crackles here and there, but not as often as if automation is running.

    Pay attention to the GUI... the knob seems to jump around. Maybe that's the reason?

    Any ideas? :S

    Win 7 Ultimate x64, i7 4770, 16GB DDR3
    Host: Presonus Studio One

    you deleted all three folders which contain midi-, audio- & devicedrivers? - only asking just to be sure. :)

    in addition to that you could try to connect your TI after deinstalling everything.
    if your operating system recognizes your TI as "Virus TI bla" followed by "Device can be used now", then there is still a driver within your OS.
    If your OS just keeps the device as (maybe) "Virus TI" followed by "no matching drivers found/driver missing"-dialog, then you can be at least sure that there isn't something disturbing the installation process (in terms of old drivers).

    This was the solution for me.
    Which doesn't mean there couldn't be hundreds of other issues which break down the installation (maybe in your case)

    However, just contact the access support. :)

    can u mention the driver files u removed?

    dosent seem to work here

    I don't remember the exact foldernames but there should be 3 folders in total. (one for virus ti usbdriver, virus ti mididriver and one for the device-drivers)
    Just search for folders containing "vti" or "ti".

    If you're not sure:
    Browse into it and open the .inf-file with a texteditor... if there's something like "Virus TI bla" inside -> delete the folder :)

    nevermind, i just solved on my own :)

    if somebody is running into the same problem:

    I had to not only deinstall the suite with the deinstaller, I also had to remove the backupped drivers in the WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository folder manually. At least they were easy to recognize :)
    To actually delete them you have to set you as owner of those files (properties) and get yourself the rights to delete it.

    I think the problem was, that in this particular moment i turned the TI on (during the install), Windows already tried to install the old drivers automatically (from this "FileRepository"-Folder).

    Now my installation finished without any issue :)
    However, thanks for your fast response!

    Have you tried uninstalling first - and making sure that you don't plug the virus in until you have to. I had a similar problem with a previous version, the problem is I don't quite remember how i got round it - but I did!

    I tried to, but it didn't show up in the software-deinstallation list... so I actually didn't deinstall it. :/

    the installation fails. I just tried it serveral times... in the first moment everything looks fine, but at a specific point it starts rolling back everything.
    Thats it.

    Two times i just got a bluescreen during installation. I dunno what's up with that... Even the Update before the actual wasn't working for me. I had a running project, which had to be done before updating, so i didn't care too much. But now i'm done, wanting to update... :/

    p.s. TI works fine with my actual version...

    Virus TI (1)
    Cubase 5 (newest version 5.x)
    Windows 7 64-bit

    The LED for +2 on the ocatave selector, is always lit, not completely lit, but only half, and the light is not steady.

    I have the same problem, but i didn't even update to OS4, yet.
    In addition to that, my LFO2-LED always acts like SQUARE is set (even if it's sine).

    ... just wanted to add - so this doesn't have to be a OS-Issue... (but i hope it's the OS in general, including the one before)

    we spend the most of the year making sure that virus control becomes compatible with 64 bit systems, windows 7 and mac os 10.6 and we are still not entirely done with it. i give you an example: on windows 7, virus control graphics are sluggish in comparison to what i was in XP or Vista. this is because microsoft removed functions and we need to get our code compatible in order to utilise the ones that replace those functions. the jobs will take some time and add to what we do just to maintain the status quo.


    it's all about priorities...

    but not in the next update, it will take some more time.

    best, marc

    holy sh+t...
    and i thought that's going to be the first bug which will be fixed.
    Is there a releasedate or at least any range like "within 2 weeks" for the next update?

    I guess win7 users would have to wait till next year... damn

    short question:

    The Virus TI Plugin shows up twice in my list.
    One WITH an X Icon and the other without.

    What does it mean?

    [Blocked Image:]

    My first thought was, that this should be the bitbridge(?) icon?
    But why should that appear, since my OS (xp), Host (cubase5 32) and Plugin (Virus TI stable-version 32) are 32bit.

    I want to know which type i should prefer... both of em work :/

    I also posted this on the Cubase forum because i thought it may be related to the sequencer itself...


    I encountered a strange problem with parameter value changes via Virus TI Plugin...

    My Virus TI Desktop doesn't sync to some(!) paramaters which I try to change within the Plugin.
    For example, if i'm going to tweak the EQ in the Plugin, the sound is still unchanged, but if i do it directly on the virus, it works!

    That goes for some parameters... like vel-filter-env, vel-volume, eq-section, phasersection, etc. i think it's pretty random.
    Sometimes it all works, but afterwards it doesn't anymore, i really don't know whats wrong. :/

    There are also some parameters which work everytime (like cutoff, patch volume, the whole osc-page etc. - no issues yet)

    I really would like to know if it's a known issue... :(
    at the moment my workaround is, ; to tweak on the Virus itself - but i'm not very used to it, so i'm looking forward to get this fixed...

    My Specs:

    - XP 32bit SP3
    - Cubase 5.1
    - Virus TI Version:
    - Virus TI Control Version: