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    Ok found it thanks. It is set to 0.
    as soon as I start the plug in what I hear is just a constant noise (almost like white noise) and no matter what I do, play, stop or something else and nothing change. if I play some notes I see the meter bar in the VST Virus plug in moving like if it's correctly playing but in the meter bar of Logic channel I can see this constant noise playing (and hear it too).
    I tried changing USB port, removing all other USB devices but nothing.
    Some Logic Settings?
    I am still using Logic 9.1.8 32bit.

    Hi Flabberbob thanks for the replay.
    No I am not using it as Soundcard, but even if I do it gives the same problem.
    If I just remove the Virus plugin in Logic the Noise disappear so I can't understand if it's a sync problem or what.
    I have updated everything and also done a factory reset with no success.
    I can't find the INPUT THRU parameter