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    Hello, i have problems with the Usb out 2 and 3. I'm on Mac osx mountain lion and Ableton Live 9.
    The usb 1 works fine but the sound of usb 2 and 3 arrives later. It's really a problem, i need differents EQ etc...
    Do you have the same issue?
    Do i have to use Ableton's latency compensation?

    Thank you.

    hi, my name's gabriel i live in perpignan in the south of france.
    i own a virus ti polar dark star. i really enjoy this synyh it is really perfect. the itegration with the computer is almost transparent. incredible!!!
    is there any french people in this forum for get any informations?

    When you send audio to the Virus (with or without the Atomizer), do you hear (or see the level meters) it play the sound back?

    hello and thanks a lot for help me. :thumbup:
    Yes i hear the sound and i see the level meter.
    so i activate the atomizer in the virus then i put the "audio to" on Virus TI on ableton and the sound come in the Virus, the lfo's led illuminates with the rythm. i choose a atomiser example in the VC browser but when i press the keyboard i just sometimes hear a glitch effect and it does not cut the sound atomized, it just superpose them. even litlles "clics".
    do you think i need to use separate output for these sounds and reinject it in the sound card?

    Hello, i write you from south of france, sorry if my english is not perfect.
    i have troubles for use and understand the atomizer.
    So i have a TI Polar with ableton live 8 and a apc40 on mac. everything works perfectly. i really feel infected...
    but i try to use the atomizer without success.
    i tried to change the "midi/audio to", to route the sound in direction of the virus in the options in ableton, i really tried everything, the only thing i did not try is to insert a signal in the inputs, but it' s not that really interest me, because i do not have other machine, i do all my music with the virus and ableton live.
    i'm not sure to really understand what Atomizer is able to do(i don't mean the glitch effect, i perfectly understand how it works), and how i can use it with ableton live.
    can i use it on the patches of the virus? or does it just treat other signal coming from out? so can i plug the sound card of the computer for atomize all the sound going out of my computer?

    can you help me a little bit please?