The Virus ti must have the same buffer setting than your soundcard !!!

    to find out, just change the asio driver from soundcard to virus ti, AND check the buffersize.

    the ti worked with 128 + save buffer. and the motu worked with 512. ( wrong setting)
    so i changed the asio driver back to motu interface AND changed the buffersize to 128 !!!

    if that all not works, CHECK IN WINDOWS SYSTEM the driver again, sometimes if you connect other mididevices the TI' driver is false.
    choose the AUDIO DRIVER 2.8.45 for OS 4.5.3 !!! NOT 2.9.43 !!!! tripple check them always after connecting other usb devices.
    if that all not works, disconnect ALL usb devices and firewire devices (mouse and keyboard for writing NOT)
    make restart, use a registry cleaner, make restart, connect a belkin usb, make restart, install virus ti, ( connect first usb to belkin, then the powercable)
    check after that the driver 2.8.45 for OS 4.5.3. make restart, if all drivers of virus Ti' correct and your pc can find the virus again, disconnect
    the TI from Powersupply and install the soundcard driver, restart again, connect your soundcard, install the rest of your soundcard, restart,
    connect virus ti, check the driver number again,
    turn off the onboard soundcard (realtek on asus boards)
    start cubase, and set the buffersize form motu to 128, click ok, change Asio from motu to Virus Ti, set buffer to 128+save buffer, click ok,
    change the Asio soundcard from Virus Ti' back to motu.

    hope that will help.

    to eliminate the crackle problem on my comp was:

    1.just set all parameters right. :D

    1.starting cubase, change the ASIO device from soundcard to Virus Ti
    2.set the Sample Buffersize to 512, click ok.
    3.set the ASIO device from Virus Ti back to your Soundcard AND set the buffersize to 512 !!!

    simply but i worked since four days to find out how to eliminate the problem after installing the beta.
    i work now on again,

    cheers !

    we should check Windows/System32/drivers !!!
    becaus if we unintall or de-install the driver, mostly is the driver in SYSTEM32/driver not erased.
    so it coud be that one of two or more VirusTI Audiodriver be wrong.

    first u uninstalled the 4.5.3 after reboot all hardware i installed the 5.0 beta. all sounds like a bitcrusher.

    but the biggest problem is now that the 4.5.3 after reinstalling sounds bitcrushed too.
    all drivers seems to be ok. and that all on usb ports that was working fine on the all first installed 4.5.3 after purchase.
    problems are now since i tested the 5.0 beta.

    i checked the versions of the usb.midi and audiodriver to be sure the drivers compare to the os and software (old and new ones )
    had disconnected all othe usb stuff without mouse and keyboard.
    now i am a owner of an really expensive bitcrusher synth

    any idea ? :?:

    same here,
    1. crackle sounding.
    2. many times sync error's (not possible to work)
    3. after 5 hours of trying to re install the OS/5 beta, the OS/5 installer abort the install process if the Hardware is connected.
    if i install without connecting the Ti, the installation works But cant find the Virus. no chance to get it work.
    So i installed the OS/4.5.3 again and all works fine.

    I think there is a problem with the Installer and the Audio Driver of the 5.0 beta version. :!:

    Win 7-64bit
    Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
    16GB corsair vengeance
    Motu Ultralite MK3 64bit
    Cubase 6.5 64bit different buffer size tested.