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    I use Sonar, but the method i use really should be totally DAW independent.. when a project is running I....
    a) select a part in VC
    b) install a patch in VC
    c) scroll to that part in the part select screen of the Virus
    d) put local control = on
    and play away...... it may be that you may need to select an unassigned midi track in your DAW to prevent the Virus playing a highlighted track...

    The answer he gave was "no", you need to use cables :)

    Hey flabberbob, thanks for the reply. It's not necessarily that I want to record the sound generated by the Virus synth, I want to record general audio, such as Spotify when sampling music, when I'm using my virus as a soundcard. Indeed it only has the "in" as an available audiosource. So other than splitting my out to the in as well, I was wondering whether I could route it without resorting to cables.

    The installation & setup guide is a good starting point for use with Sonar, and covers the basics of the audio, VST and freeze

    1. Instantiate Virus Control with the following options : synth track folder, midi source & synth outputs: stereo
    2. When Virus has loaded, you can then insert additional midi tracks and then "move to folder" so that they all operate in the synth track folder. So your folder with be synth folder> three audio tracks + (1-16) midi tracks.
    3. Select one of the Virus audio tracks and right click then >freeze>freeze options. Disable fast bounce, enable single bounce per track

    Now, so far so good... but thats not the whole story....After working with X1 and now X2 with the Virus, and struggling to overcome non-aligned (latency) audio after freezing, my brain finally woke up :)

    For 20yrs midi tracks have started at measure 2.. at measure 1:1:000 the clock starts and a ton of control and setup info.. PC, pan, vol, mod, RPN & NRPN data can get junked into a synth.. and to do this at the same time as playing notes is, well... "illadvised" and you get what you songs have typically started at measure 2.. this actually is recommended (i think) in the tutorial.

    Now, I had issues of variable latency irregardless of audio driver settings and VC settings, then the clue was a delayed note... so while I am not saying that you will have any problem at all if you do, for troublefree operation of Virus Ti with Sonar X1 & X2 (and 8.5.3) simply ensure you do the following 2 things..

    1. Start all songs at measure 2 (as you should for all midi work)
    2. Ensure your Virus track clips extend to measure 1

    Its part 2 there is the critical bit.... though I HAD started my project at measure 2, it seems that Sonar freezes the clips so the clip itself needs to extend to one measure minimum prior to Virus playing ... giving time for Sonar & virus to sync..

    hope this helps

    When a Virus is connected via USB the keyboard is disconnected from the sound engine as the synth is expecting the key presses to go keyboard>usb>DAW (loopback) >usb>sound engine as discussed above.
    if you wish to play the Polar and simply record audio, you need to have Local Control=on.. this is off by default when the Virus is connect via USB.. hit config>keyboard 1/5 local=on


    I bought a virus c that was in a rack for a long time. When I bought this unit it had rackears attached to it so i unscrewed them.
    Now the side's are obviously open and I would love to get some panels for them. Maybe this is kind of a odd request but it need it.

    Thanks in advance, Bram

    This is the forum for feature requests for the Ti and Virus Control.. You are better off posting in the general/public section to see if anyone has some spare.. or simply make some..:)

    Lets be honest here.. editing on the snow without VC will be an exercise in long winded futility..
    But that does not mean you need garageband or any DAW to be runnning.. Find a mac compatible VST host.. VSTHost, miniHost, cantabile lite.. or similar.. these hosts are simply shells that wrap VC to allow its operation standalone.

    The Access Virus uses USB1.1, and the key to a high quality connection is that the Virus MUST be the ONLY USB1.1 device on a specific root hub...and preferably be the only USB device on that root hub (ie no USB2.0 devices either). The issue is not bandwidth per se, but timing of the data stream as all USB1.0/1.1 devices share a common 12mbps link.
    The installation information from Access covers how to check for this, and if like me, you have a lot of USB gear, using an external hub or additional USB PCI card so the Virus can have its own root hub is a good idea....

    The total bandwidth required by the Virus is not excessive, but certainly going to 2 out as recommended by FB is a good solution if you think total bandwidth is an issue.. my explanation before was clear enough however if you are having timing related issues, again, you need to look in your device manager and check to see if the Virus is the only device on its root hub.. if not, and ANY other device on that root hub is USB1.1 then this is your either remove that unit, put the Virus in another port, or pay $15 for an extra PCI USB card. its that simple.. fyi this "issue" is not a fault in the Virus and cannot be fixed by Access in Virus firmware or VC software...
    As stated by FB, when recording arps, you should always have quantise set on your DAW, and ensure you have sunc set to external on the Virus. Also remember that the arp functionality on the Virus is lacking some noticeable live-play features when compared to the best of breed and so some apparant timing/playback errors (lost notes, notes in incorrect order, pattern reversal) may indeed be the Virus itself... these limitations are most evident when playing arps live... After reading your posts however I strongly suspect timing issues is purely a competing USB1.1 device on your root hub.

    I am most certainly not baiting you.. you made a statement that the only possible solution to using a Virus over USB is to buy a dedicated card. That is simply a false statement...
    If you have an understanding of USB, or even have just browsed the forum then you will see that while it is preferable for the Virus to be the only device on a root hub, if you know what is connected, and the USB protocol of those connected devices then the strict requirement is that the Virus should be the only USB1.1 device on a root hub.... this is not related to the firmware of the Virus, nor VC.. but the hardware. Installing a dedicated PCI USB card is not required to meet those requirements..hence your statement is incorrect..
    So why not leave out the fabrication and hyperbole and state what feature enhancement it is that you are suggesting.. alternatively, if you are having technical issues in integrating the Virus with your DAW then i suggest to post in the appropriate forum..after all, thousands of folks use this every day so the situation simply is not anything like as bad as you (mis)represent....
    In essence, I would think you will get a far better reception of a feature request if you lose the negativity, stick to the facts and make a clear statement of what feature you think can be programmed into firmware/VC and why it would be a benefit.
    regards, and peace out. is a public Beta-if you are depending on using the TI in a pro setting i would recommend that you deinstall the public beta following the instructions that you can find in the installer folder and then install the 4.5.3 public release.

    Under no circumstances should you a) use a beta release of firmware if you do not wish to see problems, and b) upgrade two things at the same time.
    In addition, before you upgrade any driver or firmware, understand how to set restore points and roll back to a known working solution...

    This forum is for feature requests, not rants.. FYI Access did not define the USB standard and there is no need to buy a dedicated USB card for a Virus. Given the bandwidth required and the isochronous transfer mode it is perfectly reasonable that the Virus requires to be the sole USB 1.1 device on a root hub.. go do the math calcuations to see why.

    I don't have any other synths with nearly the problems that the Virus has had.

    Downloaded os5 the other day, almost instantly noticed, any knob that gets turned, virtually or not, introduces horrible clicking noises.

    It seems like EVERY new os, it immediately doesn't work for me for some reason beyond my comprehension. NONE of my other gear has issues, including software that aren't dealt with almost immediately by the manufacturer.

    What other hardware synths do you have?.. i have 5 other hardware synths and they ALL have bugs of one form or another, including some that are in flagrant violation to the stated claims in the users manual.. and none of them get any ongoing support.. Only ONE of these synths (Nova) has seen anything like the support that the Virus has, and that of course ended a long time ago...
    As far as o.s.5 I suggest If you are so keen to avoid bugs you should not under any circumstances download beta software... bugs and errors are to be expected...

    Note in Sonar preferences you can also change the name of the device for improved clarity in your tracks.. they call it "friendly name'..