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    Well I should have searched...still learning here.…ighlight=scream#post17767
    And for more instability to the harmonics, add saturation and resonance? The most important part being the distortion that flabberbob suggested:
    [Blocked Image:]

    I'm going to play around with this when I get back from work and post my results. But feedback would be great.
    Cheers to flabberbob as well, you are truly a cool, generous person. :thumbup:

    These two electronic songs have a very similar layering of synths for a few seconds. My ears hear multiple layers but there is one unique patch making a scream with a lot of harmonic distortion. My best description is to call it low distorted harmonics, ramped up to make a the waveform become choppy/unstable. But I've had no luck recreating this.

    The videos snap to start where the sounds are, this is some loud and potentially annoying stuff so watch your volume level.

    The first song is far newer than the second, but I knew I had heard a similar sound somewhere. I know they are far from the same design but I'd love to learn how the root of the sound is created.

    Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the informative post. But I failed to mention that I know how to use just about every parameter, I just don't quite understand what combinations of values will get unique sounds. Does it all come down to experimentation? I guess I need to just keep tweaking knobs until it starts becoming second nature. Back to the DAW...


    Making a patch on synths before my virus were so simple...and while I understand all of the specific functions of all the knobs, is there a tutorial that someone can provide for building a patch on the Virus TI? I love the synth to death but I've had it since August and I'm such a greenhorn to making an original sound on it.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks flabberbob, those videos were very helpful. I guess there's nothing left for this thread besides to say: Access, please make LFO clock values a parameter in the matrix.

    Thanks for the quality assistance!

    edit after doing my homework:

    Why isn't this an option? This feature has been questioned and asked for over past years. And as I've learned, I do not want to automate LFO Clock with software, I want to use a midi controller and shift between LFO time divisions on the fly... Is there really no availability of this yet? It still hasn't been developed?

    Also, is there a way that I can calculate exact time divisions into midi values? Is there data that Access can provide? I own a Korg R3 and I was able to locate a chart Korg made, giving the hex values for the time divisions. Like this:

    When BPM Sync is "ON".         00~07 : 8/1     26~2C : 1/2     4B~52 : 1/6     71~77 : 1/32 
            08~0E : 4/1     2D~34 : 3/8     53~59 : 1/8     78~7F : 1/64 
            0F~16 : 2/1     35~3B : 1/3     5A~61 : 1/12 
            17~1D : 1/1     3C~43 : 1/4     62~68 : 1/16 
            1E~25 : 3/4     44~4A : 3/16    69~70 : 1/24

    These values did not work for the Virus. Really surprised I'm reading articles from 2009 where people are surprised that this feature wasn't available, and still is not today.

    Did you set the LFO phase to a constant value (0 is random)?
    If you plan to change the LFO rate while the note is still palying, non-clocked LFO-s will gradually build a phase difference, one rate upon another, that will ultimately make the wobble sound out of sync. In this case VC might help, if you use a clocked LFO, and try to control the relative rate using live automation, which you can associate with one of your controller's knobs.

    Yes I used 0 and 10 as constants to try and determine what it was changing. You are correct; the values that I sent over midi only added to the current note. What is VC? My first thought is virus controller, all I have found use of it for is updating firmware/patch banks. Or do you mean virtual controller?

    I couldn't control the LFO clock value through the matrix because there is no midi CC or matrix destination option for it.
    Is there a way to actively change the patch tempo via midi while holding a note?
    (edited for clarity)

    Here's where I'm at:
    -Trying to create a simple bass wobble.
    -Using an external midi surface hooked up to Virus TI2 Polar via midi (NOT usb)
    -Ext.midi programmed with CC values and on/off midi data values (0-127) for buttons

    So, I want to play the keyboard and have momentary switches for switching LFO clock values on the fly. To my knowledge, the best I can do is use the matrix to route the midi data to LFO 1 & 2 RATES, not clock/note sync. I attempted calculating conversions to get the midi value of the specific 1/8 or 1/4 or triplet note, but it is not straight forward at all. It seems like the midi data just gets "stacked".

    Set controller 13 in matrix to route to LFO Rate 1 & 2.
    -I took CC values from this table:…oc_view&gid=520&Itemid=30
    Set ext.midi control surface to global channel 1.
    Set ext.midi button to midi channel 1, CC#13, off value 0, on value 10 (as a test run).

    After many trials, it seems like the midi values just get stacked onto whatever the LFO rate was originally.

    How can I do this more easily or correctly?!?! ?(
    Any help is much appreciated!!