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    I really have to agree that a version of Virus Control which disables USB audio altogether and just takes care of the editing/automation portion of the Virus is long overdue.
    (As I think many users would prefer to use external sound cards anyway)

    I loved Virus Control early on, it was the main reason I upgraded to the TI, but I have given up and gone back to running it over MIDI instead. I only fire up VC to edit arps now, which is sad.

    As for Access not wanting to implement a "No Internal Audio" feature because they would view it as the "failure" of Total Integration.... Users resorting to the old school MIDI method of running their Viruses IS already the failure of Total Integration.

    We would all like a stable workable solution; not a marketing angle...

    You have another vote for a NO AUDIO VC!!!

    and if the guys at reKon audio are listening I think you have a potentially very lucrative product on your hands!! The Virus PI (Partial Integration) :D

    One thing I have always dreamed of is that the buttons would work in "Remote Mode"

    However, NOT only to send MIDI CC but to actually allow the use of more CC values on the knobs.

    For instance when you press the OSC 2 button the knobs in the OSC section will now send different assignable CC values than if the OSC 1 button is depressed.

    Or pressing the LFO button in the LFO Section would cycle through the 3 different LFO's using the same knob. (As is already implemented in the virus architecture.)

    This would allow for much more comprehensive control over soft synths.

    The OSC, LFO and Filter selection buttons could function in this "Sub-menu" type fashion and the rest of the buttons could just send CC's. (Of course the system related buttons on either side of the screen would likely have to be left alone)

    The thing I really love about the Remote Template feature is having a uniform interface for (most) soft synths. I know the virus very well now and don't have to think or look for the parameter I wan't. It is automatic, like any instrument becomes after time. Being able to apply this feeling of direct thought reaction to many many other synths is a godsend, but the improvement outlined above would make it complete I feel.

    Currently it is a case of deciding which parameters to leave out of the control template and then it's back to the mouse for those ones. ;( More control!!!

    How about it Access? :thumbup:

    Like on FM8, a preset browser with multiple caracteristics as intrument family, timbre, source, articulation, genre... would be great on the virus

    It is the fastest seach tool I ever use, it's better to don't loose filling while earing each sound preset one after one... ;)


    I'm happy to put my hand up to help out with that as it would make patch navigation far easier.

    Perhaps a simple interim solution would be the ability to search by BOTH the currently assigned search filters rather than only one at a time. Even this would limit the number of hits coming up considerably while being much less of a headache to implement. Perhaps just a second drop down menu on VC's search page is all that's required?

    More USB audio; 4 or preferably 8 stereo channels would be killer.

    Third envelope and the aforementioned comb filter and LFO rate upgrades would also rock.
    Saw a lot of other great suggestions but these are the main ones for me.

    Thanks for listening to our requests

    Ahhh! Thank you Matt!

    So that's where all those parameters were... (slaps forehead)

    I must have missed that in the manual.
    Thanks again mate you have made my day.



    I am (almost) 100% sure that I have gone through every menu and submenu on my TI.

    Does anybody know if there is a way to control the "PHASE INIT" setting directly on the Virus itself without having to use Virus Control??

    I just can't seem to locate it. ?(
    It seems like too crucial a feature not to have accessible on the front panel.