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    hi marc.

    just tried selecting the virus in the sound preferences then launching ableton and the virus plug in but still getting the same message "no virus ti connected" followed by "audio driver failed"
    also tried selecting virus as the main output in ableton but still no good. ?(

    + 1 on this problem guys. i have just bought a new quad core i7 imac and am getting audio driver failed everytime i load up in ableton. it hasnt loaded and worked once. i have been in contact with Jorg at access support and gone through various procedures but no solution as yet. it runs fine on my macbook pro everytime but unfortunately i am selling the laptop so need a solution asap to work on my imac. on the last email with support Jorg had said he had referred to the r&d department and was waiting for input on the problem.
    i really hope there is a fix soon!!