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    What host are you using?



    The VST3 path is actually defined by the standard, therefore it shouldn't be changed except you have _very_ good reasons.
    Check if the virus has TIOS on it. In this case, the firmware does not need to be updated, since the contains the complete software, except that the installer has been updated to fix problems.


    To reduce the latency you need to reduce the latency of the soundcard you (or your second VST host) is using. This is the determining factor to latency in Virus Control.


    In the browser page, drag and drop the patchname from the part panel on the left side to a slot in a bank on the browser page.

    The popups in the browser page have less entries, the LOAD/SAVE buttons do have an entry for each patch while the "Bank Selection" has only entries for each bank.


    For what I'm talking about, the host used is totally irrevelant.

    Sometimes people think that, but actually, it is not. The VST and AU standards are constantly changing, also by communication between access and other companies. Therefore have recent versions of supported sequencers is part of the game.

    Right. Yet, no problem.

    2) If I use the USB for midi only then only a single pc can access the TI directly, as the standard midi port is then disabled (probably to prevent morrons to send twice the midi clock to the ti, ... gofigure) : that sucks as I can't acess the ti directly from a second pc or hw device (and no VC).

    It is not just preventing "twice the midi clock", the TI has a different timebase when being used in a plugin (which is currently the difference between analog outputs and usb).

    3) NOW, if I launch the VC, then the only access to the ti is thru the VC. That means that only a single App from a single device (pc or hw) can access the TI at any time, plus you can't deal with the sync yourself + there are delay compensation errors when using the analogs out. The VC will still report a latency to the host even if the LIVE button is enabled, and this value is a total joke.

    The value is an estimation. additionally, the solution for your setup would be: use Virus Control in a "standalone" host, routing "Virus TI MIDI IN" to "Virus Control", connect "Virus TI MIDI OUT" to "Virus TI MIDI IN" and use "Virus TI MIDI" as output in your MIDI application.

    So all I need is a VC that just deals with patches, being able to access the usb (for midi) and the midi port at the same time from any other app or pc. Like my vsynth-gt, korg m3 , radias, motif xs, ... By trying to make it better than anyone else, access just managed to make it worse, IMO off course.
    c'est simple non ? ich meine es ist einfach, nein ?

    You will find that you need to take care of a lot of caveats when doing it like you do. Additionally, you can not guarantee the consistency of patches etc. You also loose the total recall feature, automation lanes etc.
    I think your situation is also pretty special because only very few people do work so old fashioned today. And to make it short: you can just use some "single plugin host" (like savihost etc.) and wire it up to solve your problem.

    I think you maybe missed an important point in his suggestion (apologies if I'm mistaken):

    Don't assign the reverb send to a soft knob. Assign a controller to the soft knob (example: CC 12) and then assign CC12 to reverb send in the matrix. I believe that will do what you're after (which is what Merlin was suggesting).

    This is an excellent suggestion. It also consumes less MIDI bandwidth.


    assuming you are working on Windows:

    In this case, you might have run into a known issue: windows only supports about 16000 entries in a popup menu.
    When you have a lot of patches in your patches folder, you can reach that limit and the windows function Virus Control is using just fails (error 8: no memory).

    There are two things you can do:
    1) use the browser page, which is easier anyway
    2) remove some patch files from your patches folder



    My virus was working very fine since the last update ( ) , but since tomorrow i've got sometimes this message about the audio driver, and now the sound from virus TI is very very dirty.
    I have uninstall the drivers and re-install the same version but it's the same thing.
    All was perfectly working :( can someone help me please ?

    Edit : I7 940 / Ableton 8 / Win 7 32bit

    Please address support, they can help.