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    Hi Marc,

    that's good to hear,

    but it's really true, Every project i've played suffered from these cutoff notes. The projects were created in cubase 5.1, so everything was the same, the only thing changed was the os version from the TI (off course i did the powercycle procedure).

    what i will do is do the upgrade this weekend again and see if it the polyphony changes again and see if i can get some more info for you.

    i also downgraded to 3.05

    the 3.1 version was stable at my place (exept for the issue that loading projects in cubase 5.1 causes the audio driver failed message if you didn't load it once in a new project).

    Main reason for downgrading for me was that the polyphony was seriously reduced in the 3.1 os version. My older projects were unusable due to the fact that notes were cutoff or didn't play because the ti went out of polyphony.

    after downgrading to 3.05 again all my projects were working again and all notes played like before (no cutoff notes anymore :) )

    I have the same problem over here,
    my guess is is that it's related to cubase 5.

    I think this because when i installed the new cubase 5.1 version this behaviour started with the setup i always used.
    Also my Motif XS VSTI didn't work anymore and gave a Port open error. When browsing the motifator forums someone from yamaha gave the advice to reduce the number of active midi ports in the device settings of cubase. So i've set a lot of those ports to invisible (unused) and the motif xs vst started working again.

    the strange part with the audiodriver failed error is that when i restart cubase the virus ti works again. Also the number of times this message occur seems kind a random.

    I never have this message when i start a new project. However, if i load this new fresh project again where i used the virus ti, then about 2 out of 5 times it starts up wrong with the audio driver failed message.

    There are more people that have this problem in cubase 5, it's also discussed on a dutch forum where more people have this issue in cubase 5.

    my setup:
    virus TI os 3.1.0
    cubase 5.1
    vista 32
    3 gig memory
    motu 828mk iii

    hope this helps to determine the cause of the problem.