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    I'm finally ready to pick up a Virus TI2 Desktop, and I'm really having some last minute cold feet. Lately I've been really fixated on the DSI Prophet 12 Module. The only reason I haven't fallen for it completely is because of the total integration the virus has.

    I will be using this synth for EVERYTHING. Primarily it will be for video game sound effect design and soundtracking. I've been using software up to this point, and what I've noticed is that while I can get software to pretty much do anything, it always seems to be lacking something. I've noticed that the Prophet 12 and newly released Pro 2 have a real warmth and vibrance that I just don't really hear in the Virus. The Virus by comparison can sound very robotic. (Which is not a bad thing, I actually really like that, just not if it's a quality that is constant regardless of the settings.)

    But because I'm getting this as a compliment to my software setup, integration with the DAW is important.

    My question is, can the Virus TI2 create sounds that are vibrant, fat, and warm? (I know your impression of those descriptions may vary...)

    I find the few sounds in this introduction video of the Prophet 12 module as a good example of what I mean.

    The only other question I have (which may expose my ignorance), which synth offers more programability. (As far as how much the sounds can be manipulated.) I would think the Virus, but I haven't really been exposed to the TI in person, or seen it used in any real detail.

    Thanks for any and all comments.