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    OK, this MF'er is testing me LOL!...

    I've been doing some meditation to calm the nerves... bloody computers ay lol.. only positive i take from this experience is more time spent with the family !! my wife is a bit shocked , asking me what's going on?

    Anyway i disabled the Azalea Codec in the bios set up, disabled a lot of hardware which i didn't need running.. i also ran an update called Focusrite USB2 Drivers 2.4b3. - Restarted.. at ths MF'er is still winning the war..

    I also tried to run the snow as the sound card.. put both monitor cables in the out's of the snow.. didn't seem to get audio however. Im still completely convinced its something to do with the desktop.. some setting or something rather hiding..

    Also ran the DPC latency checker, its all green with an occasional yellow spike. I've been running this for 5mins and it doesn't seem to be showing the message like previously "some hardware may cause dropouts on this system" - something along those lines which I proclaimed earlier.

    I also downloaded FL Studio (demo) of course to check if it was perhaps some settings in Ableton causing, but again .. couldn't hack 512 samples.. ..

    Im just praying i dont have to buy a new computer .. I mean i spent enough on the desktop.. for some reason i keep thinking it might be because my PC is not good enough to handle it.. but then you i keep remembering your 5yo laptop can run at 512 samples .. hmmmmmmmmmmm very interesting..

    I know Coronado so close but so far lol ! :)

    "Could you download the DPC latency checker from this website, then send
    me a screen shot of the graph once opened for a minute or so while
    playing audio out at the same time? : - especially try this at low buffer sizes like 256. " I will try the DPC now...

    How would i disable the on-board sound chip on the bios?

    Ill go ahead and try the DPC now..

    PS This was happening pre Scarlett2i2 i had a UCA202 and the same thing was happening.. i dont think it has anything to do with the sound card - nevertheless let me try this latency check. (latency check) (IT DOES MENTION SOMETHING)

    Some device drivers on this machine behave bad and will probably cause dropouts in real time audio /or video streams. To isolate misbehaving driver use Device Manager and disable various devices one at a time . Try network and W lan adaptors, monitors , internal sound devices , usb host controllers etc.

    - Update

    Did the latency check.. despite the readings I still had massive dropouts - whats unusual is the latency checker says my computer should be able to run audio without dropouts.

    Sorry Coronado,

    Dam.. i was excited thanks for finding that for me, i installed the INTEL INF.

    Im not having any issues with the latency in terms of pressing the key and the sound comes(what i mean is there is no delay but obviously the sound is horrid), its still just the CRAZYYYY static, pop crackle at 512 buffer rate.... And im using Sylenth1 at the moment to test. Im using OS4 Kostik btw :).

    Fark thought we solved it Coronado lol :D>!

    The Motherboard is a Gigabyte Ultra Durable X58- USB3 . (I have tried USB2 ports) Ive tried quite a few ports.. also I can find updates for the motherboard but the USB drivers may be difficult?.

    That's so weird dude how your computer is 5 years old with no issues. Really weird.

    Anyway Ive uploaded some photos - Hopefully it give some leads.

    PS Thanks for the enthusiasm with your responses at least its not doom and gloom just yet.


    Still no luck...

    I even reformatted to see if that fixed it..

    I just cant run the buffer as low as 256 without crackles pops and all that rubbish.

    Im running the snow into its osn USB3 port, and im not running a USB at all.

    Hi there Coronado, how do i check the sample frequency of both the audio device and the Virus? . I have tried the virus in various ports, but what is strange is even VST plugins for example massive and sylenth1 will not run at 256 buffer rate.. My computer doesnt seem to handle it?

    Although I seem to have good enough deskptop specifications to run it?

    My computer is reasonably new (1 year old)

    Thanks again . :(

    Im running Windows 7 64 bit, i have the latest software updates for the Virus, i baught the Virus today, so I installed all the updates.. And i am Running a Virus TI Snow...

    Intel Core TM i7 950 @ 3.07 ghz
    8gb RAM
    I have a Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett Soundcard(latest drivers - downloaded from their website)

    Running USB connection from snow into PC Deskptop.

    Absolutley choppy at 256, its producing sounds of death.. (i dont run any plugins on that buffer rate for that matter)

    Any more information required?


    Hey guys,

    recently went out and baught the TI Snow, was all excited.. got it all set up via usb..

    And its TERRIBLE..(for me at this point)

    Massive latency issues.. heaps distorded, as it is i dont use the recommended buffer rate (i think it was 256).. I have a Focusrite 2i2 soundcard and im running a decent computer (baught it a year ago).

    Its so laggy, and distorded and makes weird sounds.

    What are my options guys?

    I heard i can plug it directly into my midi keyboard(novation 49sl mk2) ...

    Not sure what to do :(

    Spent so much money..

    Thanks in advance :)