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    The same could be said about the violin, or a Stratocaster. Or the Minimoog.

    Personally, I prefer that behavior over a company (like Clavia, and many others), who try to sell me a new 3kEur keyboard every other year, just because it has a new feature (that was deliberately omitted in the previous model).

    Disagree. Virus TI2 isn't that much like violin or Stratocaster or even Moog. It's a VA-synth which is supposed to work with constantly evolving world of computers and DAWs. About Clavia's business model: It's true that all those updates aren't very interesting for a user already having their earlier model. But it's little bit unfair (or even paranoid) to argue that they deliberately omit features that will be "new" in next model. Anyway it's customers choise to buy or stay with model he allready has. Still it's better business model to develope things and make a strong future oriented brand. This is what I've long been worried about Access. True or not but I can't help wondering that they are deliberately running down their business. No development, promoting or anything, just selling as long as there's some market left. Hopefully I am wrong. But if there's something happening, they are good to keep it secret. And if so, I don't think it's very wise way to do business. It's been years like that. It's only this Marc who (sometimes with little negative tone) tries to defend their lack of interest. Like "Virus is perfect, problems with TI are with incompetent users with bad computers!". Sorry to sound negative, but this is my impression which I have. Anyway I love my TI2 with its imperfections. I am just amazed that Access, really pioneer in its field, did choose this way...

    IMO it's kind of a strange strategy that Access have decided to nothing with their Virus line, they're are selling it like it's a final / perfect product and world isn't changing. (BTW how old is this new TI2 line, anyway it's years...?)

    For comparison, swedish company Clavia (similarly quite small) is costantly developing and releasing a new models and updates to their current product line. It's not that every new model (like newest Nord Piano 4) is substantially whole new product compared to earlier model (Nord Piano 3), it's just a some updates here and there and most of them are quite small. But anyway it keeps the business going and a promotes feeling that they are moving forward. With Access we have total opposite; in every aspect this company communicates kind of a stagnation; nothing is developing (same product, web site is dead, no talk on the synth forums...). TI2 is a great synth but I believe every user have kind of a strange feeling of having a dead product in their hands. Everything is developing - computers are faster, digital synths have more power, connectivity and memory, but Virus is just like it was years ago.... I am just very amazed about this.

    Access did not make Virus TI3 so perhaps someone else did...

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    It cannot be difficult to make. For Access It's just admitting that TI ain't perfect after all. When more and more people face these countless latency etc. issues they still repeat this old shit: problem is with us, with our setups.

    OK I confess everything if it helps to get this update: TI is perfect, I am a technical idiot and my computer sucks. Now, give us this NO SOUND ONLY CONTROL plugin!

    Exatcly my case too: bought a new MacBook pro and no luck with Virus, no matter what usb port I use. Same old scheisse: error message, sync and latency issues. It's there even if Virus is only device connected.

    In the beginning of 2015 I bought a new MacBook Pro with fastest CPU and biggest amount of memory. I also bought new Logic Pro X to it. So with brand-new setup I was curious to check how does TI work with it (I have had lot of problems in all those years with TI and my older mac). I also updated my Virus to latest OS.

    Guess what? Same old shit. Latency and sync problems. No matter what USB port is used and no matter if Virus is the only device connected to it. No matter if I try using Motu sound card or not. It's hard to see what is fundamentally wrong with my setup… Maybe it's finally time to Access to admit that there's something fundamentally wrong with their side.

    Hi all,

    Just curious to know how old is this newest hardware? I am just wondering how long does it take to get something new from Access…

    Maybe something which is finally working as it should, who knows? If I remember right, Virus is using USB1 and our computers have USB3 or Thunderbolt.

    realistically, Access are never going to produce anything else (as much as people can want it!)

    People keep saying this "they (Access) will never release any MIDI-editor/librarian...". But why? If Access really think like that IMO it's quite arrogant way of treating their customers. Because so many people - myself included - have expressed their wish to have editor/librarian via MIDI. Does making MIDI-editor mean to admit that perhaps TI isn't perfect after all? IMO this is stupid way of thinking, cause there're many reasons to use Virus with MIDI (not usb). Well, I have to admit that big reason is obviously all those latency and sync issues which aren't there when you use Virus with good old MIDI. Other reason is perhaps that your synth studio is based on MIDI setup; all synths communicate with MIDI. In my case I have both reasons to use MIDI with my Polar.

    Anyway to me it's a big shame that lot of power of Virus remains unrealized cause I cannot (easily) use editor/librarian in my setup. For example, all those sound sets: while possible, it's really pain to use them in my projects.

    Hi guys,

    I am using my Polar with MIDI in/out cables to iConnect MIDI and I've seen many ghost notes, bender and CC messages. I've captured them to Logic and seen them in Midi monitor app. Last time when I tested this I left my Polar alone over a night and recorded everything with Midi Monitor. I remember capturing some CCs and bender ghosts (though not ghost notes that time...).

    So I am sure that (at least my) Polar can generate them this way. This is not USB or TI-problematic.

    Access keeps the silence about these problematics. Maybe it's some radio interference or something who knows....

    Hi guys,

    As an original poster of this thread I am kind of happy to read that I am not alone with this. As a gigging professional musician I've had few horrible moments when I was having a break between sets and then someone from the audience comes to us and says that our PA makes a terrible loud sound. You can guess that it was Virus making ghost notes. After those insidents I made silent presets for making sure that it won't happen again. There're still ghosts for sure but now they are silent.

    I also contacted Access about this (and some other) issue but they said that nothing can be done to fix it. I had warranty left but they said it's useless to send it back. The whole thing remained quite unclear to me: they don't know what's wrong and to me it seemed that they don't care. It's "normal" Virus behaviour to have occational ghost notes...? Well, if it is to Access, to me it isn't: I've had synths and keyboards over 20 years and Virus is the first one making these.

    P.S. Ghost notes aren't the only things which Virus makes on it's own: I have seen bender and CC-messages too...

    Hi, sometimes I wonder that is there one single user that has a TI system which really works without any trouble (sync or latency issues etc.)? I know very well that on these forums people tend critizise more than share positive thoughts. So I'd really like hear about someone with perfect Ti-system: what model, what computer OS, DAW etc.?

    Otherwise we really start to believe that Access is selling a dream...


    What means "hardest" resets possible? Is it something that those of us having problems could also benefit from?


    P.S. Reading this forum makes me really puzzled. I can see that there are these same problems - sync & latency issues, crackles, hanging notes etc. - from year after year. People ask same questions one after another. Is it really so difficult make it get better or at least admit that TI (Total Integration) is kind of a fantasy? Is there a single user who has managed to make TI to work like they promote it: you can use your Virus like any other vst / au synth without any troubles? To me my Virus is just another hardware synth like all the other MIDI-controlled synths. To me there's no use for its TI at its current state. This being said Virus is great synth used in good old MIDI-way.

    Hi all,

    There's one simple fact: Quite many of us (myself included) have tried to use TI but there has allways been problems - mostly sync and latency issues - and we have decided to use our Virus with old fashioned MIDI way. To me it's OK cause in my setup there are many other hardware MIDI synths too.

    But we would still like to have benefit from Virus computer integration: sound programming and librarian features. So is it really too much to ask for (some kind of) standalone VC app? I have feeling that Access is unwillling to admit that there's something wrong with their Total Integration; they want us to think that the problems are in us: we cannot make our setup work flawlessly. But when you read this forum you clearly see that WE are quite big amount of users. Just resently someone said that he cannot trust TI in his studio productions. And there are countless others... And now there are new kind problems based on Mavericks update. To me all this makes it clear that Access should really take US (old fashioned MIDI users) seriously...

    +1 for this MULTI standalone editor!

    This is exactly the case here: there are (lot of?) users like us that use Virus old fashioned MIDI way. Why? Of course it's because of these countless latency and sync issues. As I've said many times, at least in my setup TI is unfortynately still quite far from total. I could perhaps use TI if I would use only Virus in my Logic but if I take any other synth - hardware or VST - there's too much trouble of making them sing together.

    Is this standalone editor/librarian too much to ask from Access? It seems to me that they refuse to admit that there's anything wrong with their perfect creature "TI". They think that problem is with us. We cannot make it work. Well, perhaps I am just stupid cause I have spent quite a lot of time with TI and still there's allways some problems with it. To me it's just much more simple and liable to use my Virus via MIDI...

    Hi guys,

    I've been discussing this with Access support and their opinion is that these are issues which cannot be fixed with their hardware service. I still don't really know how to think about that. As a professional gigging musician do I just have to accept that my instrument can sometimes play notes on its own or suddenly decrease multi part's level...? Quite amazing. Btw this last thing (multi part's volume dropout) is my major headache at the moment. I was hoping that my unit is broken and I can get it fixed with warranty repair. Now it seems to me that there's no reason to send it to Germany.

    P.S. There's one test I (or Accept or anybody interested) could do: Put Virus in the field of mobile phone or similar radio interference field over a night and record MIDI and see if ghosts appear. Earlier I did my over-night-Midi-recording and all I got was some ghost bender messages, but there was no mobile phone near I think.. Maybe those other ghosts need some radio interference, who knows. At least this might be worth checking out...?

    What's your setup exactly (is there lot of midi hardware etc.?) and what's your virus model? I've been witnessing lot of strange things which my Polar does by itself.. I've been calling these "ghost notes" or "ghost CCs". I am not saying that you have things like mine but it's one possibility that your Virus (at least if it's keyboard model) generares volume pedal messages on it's own. I have had few cases when suddenly foot pedal is like pressed down but I didn't even have pedal connected. Spooky... On the other hand these ghosts aren't typically predictable: they don't seem to follow any logic.