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    Same here with windows 8.1 an d Cubase 8. While loading virus TI plugin Cubase crashes 7 of 10 times...

    How do you mean when loading? when opening cubase itself or?
    I only have it when i select the Virus TI channel in cubase it just freezes 2 sec and then the whole program crashes.
    I'm screwed now, can't continue my work.

    Hey Guys,

    I'm currently running OSX Yosemite on my mac pro and i recently upgraded from cubase 7.5 to 8.
    Now when i start a new project everything is fine, but later on in the projects when i click on the virus channel whole cubase 8 crashes.
    I don't think it's because of cubase itself because i was at someones studio the other day and he didn't had any problems at all with the virus on yosemite in cubase 8.
    I tried reinstalling cubase, reinstalling the virus. tried different virus driver versions. nothing helps.

    Can someone please help me out here because i can't continue any of my projects now :(

    Much appreciated! :love:

    Well, i had yosemite on it and reinstalled it with mavericks because cubase wasn't supported on yosemite yet. I still get the message showed earlier but the virus seems to work fine now. The Mac pro has 4 usb's. i currently have a external hard drive, usb hub, my virus and my audio interface connected with it. but i'm thinking to get some adapters to connect on my thunderbolt ports to free up some bandwith too. My audio interface can be connected with usb and firewire. so i thought if i buy a adapter thunderbolt to firewire .. maybe it will free up some bandwith. In that way i dont have to buy a thunderbolt drive


    I've noticed that my Virus C is playing notes later then all my other instruments in Cubase. Is this a setting? or is it suppose to have latency with the Virus C. I also have a TI Snow, and it's playing fine.
    My Virus C is hooked up on my MOTU 828 Mk3 Hybrid. Can someone please help me to get my Virus synced up in cubase with all the other plugins.

    Thanks :thumbup:


    I really want to have all the factory presets in my virus c. I'm not sure what OS I have on the virus, but i understood that i can have all the presets with updating my virus.
    I downloaded the latest OS, and searched the internet on how to install it. But i'm stuck, i've no clue what program to use. I thought i had to use Sound Diver, but i can't find a downloadlink anywhere.
    Can someone please help me out to update my virus? Much appreciated.

    Greets. :D

    Yes, i normally use Cubase 7. i also use logic for the distortionplugin, but i've no idea how to set up the C in logic, cause i never work in that program for this kind of stuff.

    . are you experience this latency in every projects?
    . if you use a midi keyboard to control a vst do you also have latency?
    . check asio buffer
    . update drivers

    1. Yes there is ALWAYS a few miliseconds delay.
    2. Yes even with MIDI Keyboard, if i play a lead out of the TI Snow / Other VST's together with a lead out of the C .. the C plays a few miliseconds later.
    3. I tried to set a bigger and smaller buffer size. but same problem.
    4. I've the latest MOTU Drivers. Downloaded the lastest one yesterday.


    The sound of my Virus C is always playing a few miliseconds later then my other sounds out of my TI Snow or other VST's, is this normal with the C? I've never worked with MIDI before so i was just wondering.

    Greets. :thumbup:

    If I was going to do it, I probably would try the folowing:
    - Oscillator 2 only, sawtooth waveform
    - FM modulation on osc2, with noise source
    - Lowpass or bandpass filter (or some combination of both), controlled by the filter envelope, to create the "talking" effect.
    - Distortion.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks man, i'll try that also! it's really hard to get the same result

    It's a really complex lead, so much modulation going on. I've tried recreating this one too but I didn't spend too much time on it because I lost interest so the outcome wasn't that good. For that sharp, nearly plucky attack I'd suggest modulating the oscillator's pitch using an envelope with a really short decay. My wild guess is that using 2 synced square oscillators and 1 saw oscillator could lead to a similar direction. Modulate the 2 Square oscillator's pitch with a really fast LFO and modulate their pulse width partially with a really fast LFO but also an envelope with a medium-long decay. The third saw oscillator would take some pitch modulation from modulating the oscillator 1 already because thats how the Virus synth works AFAIK but you could also modulate it's pitch with an LFO using like +1 or -1 value. Also that pulse-width modulation with LFO should be done so that an envelope should modulate the PWM mix amount so that the effect isn't constant but a really sharp plucky'ish instead with a long decay (You can also use LFO3's delayed attack mode but that won't give you as much control over it as an envelope would).

    Enough brainstorming, I tried recreating it once as I said and got a similar but not quite the same sound. Good luck I guess.

    Thanks for the big explination, i'll try this tomorrow. :thumbup:
    I've heard Code Black made it with sylenth1 but i'm not sure.

    The factory patches used to be part of the OS-update download.
    So download the latest OS and have a look in the files/folders for the factory banks.
    Used to be labeled lika A.mid etc.

    Thanks mate, i'll have a look at it. :thumbup: