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    You can only use Midi Files containing Virus SysEx data for this task in the "Virus Control Center". It is not possible to load data from other synths into the unit. If you have Virus sounds as SysEx files, you can convert these with 3rd party apps like "Snoize SysEx Librarian" for instance.

    If the unit is connect to your computer via USB, you will only be able to send Midi signals to its Midi Out port if you create a Midi track in your DAW with the Midi out port "Virus TI Midi" being selected. Keep in mind that the TI works like a Midi interface when the USB connection is in use.

    Dear Jeremy,
    The Virus TI PlugIn will react on the actual Midi channel that is currently selected in Logic when you have set up the Virus TI plugin as multi-timbral plugin with 16 tracks for it, so if the Midi track with Midi channel 3 is selected, PART 3 of the Virus TI plugin will react.

    If the unit has OS 6.5 installed, then this could point to a hardware problem, especially if you are anywhere near exhausting the max. amount of voices the unit can produce. Especially when playing it by itself and no other external unit being able to send any Midi CCs or SysEx to the device, this would point to a hardware issue.

    The Virus c is a hardware synthesizer that works like any other hardware synthesizer out there when you connect it to an audio interface and you try to monitor its sound via direct monitoring in a DAW. The latency is not caused by the Virus in this case but by the audio interface setup. You can test this by simply playing the Virus through its Midi In port and connecting either headphones to its output or speakers. You will hear the sound from the Virus c directly then.
    Again this is nothing that can be caused by a Virus c at all.

    Click on "Patch/Utility" in the Virus TI plugin and change the USB audio configuration there to


    to be able to use all three stereo output streams via USB.

    The "classic" mode of the Virus TI only produces a single oscillator signal per oscillator, hence there is no "detune" for this. The "detune" parameter is available in Hypersaw since this mode allows you to create more than a single Oscillator signal which you then can detune against each other.

    The only option or better "workaround" in "classic" mode is to use the UNISON mode and then detune the UNISON voices against each other, however this also will eat up voices very quickly at high UNISON settings.

    Dear Michael,
    The Virus TI simply "listens" to whatever is send to it via Midi. Since the OSC3 Volume is not a hardware control on the TI surface it also cannot come from a broken potentiometer here. Is this issue with any FL Studio session you're starting even in a brand new one with nothing but the TI in it? If so please disconnect any Midi keyboard/controller connected to this computer setup and check if you still run into the problem. I'm fairly certain that some device sends Midi commands to the Virus causing this or some Midi information is in the particular FL Studio session (however then this would happen at a specific point in the FL Studio session).

    The headphones output is basically a copy of the signal coming from the OUT 1 L+R of the Virus. Enabling the "D" button in the Virus TI plugin activates the "direct monitoring" feature which routes the signal to the analog out OUT 1 L+R, hence it also shows up in the headphones out.