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    +1 what Luciphercolours said hit the nail on the head

    There are too many sounds that I would love to make or wanted to make when I got into synths. The reece sound to "fly away home" by Concord Dawn is amazing and one I still want to nail perfect (check it out if you aint heard it pure filth!!!)
    But instead of trying to mimic sounds I started to just play around with my virus with the only idea being I want a really sic high impact sound. And after playing around and many rubish sounds (not forgeting frustration)when you reach a sound that you have made that is your own is to me way more enjoyable than just using a sound that has been churned out over and over.

    Any way I really don't wanna preach to people this is me just sharing how i got into loving synths as much as I do, but for me spending that time making a new sound that people will ask on forums "How do I make that sound" (In my dreams!!!) would be much more of an achievement than just recreating sounds (not that there is anything wrong with that, I enjoy it as well)


    if you make a hyper saw and turn the local unison up a bit then already you are pretty close add another hyper saw slightly out of tune with the other one. Add some Reverb and then in the FX add a frequency shifter turn the mix up to 100 then play around with that.

    Doing this will give that slightly discordant sound that is on the record, its by no means 100% perfect but I am basing this on about 5 mins with my virus after reading your post. If you fiddle around with the parameters ( which is what the virus and any synth is all about ) then i'm sure you will get close enough, as well as learning more to make re creating sounds much more natural for your self in the future.

    Hope this helps and you can carry on with the most important thing making music :thumbup:

    Any chance you can give us a demo of what you have done so far then I might be able to help with where you are going wrong.

    I have come pretty close with using the hyper saw but not set too high and a bit of de tuning and a standard saw wave then the wide distortion setting and also adding a bit of filter saturation you have to fiddle around with it a bit to find the sweet spot but for me filter saturation is definatly a big part. also dip the mid down a bit again just sweep around till it fits and then do a sub bass on a separate channel.

    I don't know if this helps much I'm no expert but this is a way I have reasonable success with :thumbup: