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    Thanks, Marc. I haven't experienced any jitter yet, but it's good to know. If you guys are reminding Ableton and they're not being responsive, then I hardly doubt that I'll get any attention. Anyway, glad to be back in the fold... :)

    I appreciate your suggestions, but if activating the LIVE button solves the delay issue (and I don't seem to be experiencing "timing and data banwidth issues"), then why not use it; right? Live 9 has the same delay compensation configuration as earlier iterations of Live (as far as I can tell). The tracks I'm recording audio in to have to be armed by nature, but all it takes is a a glance at the waveform that's been recorded to see the delay itself (transient starts about a 1/2 beat after record is initiated). I've thought about using the Virus as an external midi instrument, but I enjoy using VC when sound designing (and rather not plug/unplug my connections all the time). Soloing and bouncing each track individually would remove the creativity/live aspect to my workflow. Like I said, I appreciate your suggestions, but I've been down this road before (already owning the TI2 desktop), and I'm willing to deal with it because the Virus is just such an amazing synth.

    When you say "recorded" do you mean recording MIDI from the keyboard, or recording audio from the playing project? I don't think it is wise to keep live mode on all the time as it makes VC more susceptible to timing and data bandwidth issues.

    Thanks for the responses. By "recorded" I mean when MIDI notes are sent to the virus (either from the keyboard or piano roll), and then recorded (bounced down) to an audio clip. Fuseball explains the situation correctly. The differences with the LIVE button engaged are obvious in my situation: Maschine and the Virus Snow audio record in sync and in time (with the first transient visible at the very beginning of the audio clip). With the LIVE button NOT engaged, both devices are OUT of sync (with the first transient visible after about a 1/2 bar elapses). This issue is one of the reasons I originally sold my Virus TI2 desktop. I gave the prophet 08 a shot, but soon realized that the Virus could sound just as warm and "analog". I missed the Virus wavetables as well, so I purchased a Snow. Anyway, my request remains the same: A switchable "lock" of the LIVE button (specifically for Ableton Live users), that activates when the application starts.

    For whatever reason, I must always keep the "LIVE" button engaged in Virus Control if I want my Virus Snow to be recorded in sync/time (with devices like Maschine, etc.) in Ableton Live 9.02. I'm fine with that, but it's just a pain to have to remember to activate the LIVE button every time I start Ableton. Is there any way Access can include an option to "lock" LIVE mode in the next update to the Virus Control software (when it starts in a DAW)?