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    the thing is that in my case it doesn't....could you give me a better answer that a least helps me to find out what is happening??

    I Have other synths that works perfect, so I assume is not a cubase problem



    I recently install cubase 8 and I have problems with the arp's after the first cycle of a loop. At the second cycle gets completely out of sync.

    Anyone know what happen or how can i solve it??

    Thanks in advance


    Hi guys,

    I'm having some sync problems when I run any Arp synth. At the begging it runs well but after few seconds start to get out of sync. I've read some post here and apparently the problem may be caused by several different reasons, so I'll appreciate if someone from the support team could help me to solve it.

    Looking forward for you comments,

    Best regards,


    PS: My contact e-mail is: [email protected]