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    Thanks guys, more valuable info :)

    Marc, yeah, as a software engineer, I understand the problems you face with different setups, software environments, user expectations and experience. Also of course, forums tend to contain posts from people seeking solutions (i.e. face problems) rather than happy users who it all works for - selection bias :)
    But its still useful to understand the kind of issue faced, and also the solutions they employ.

    Has Access had an opportunity to test with the newer macs? Id be concerned that they use an internal USB hub, which includes mouse, keyboard , bt etc etc.
    (it seems to me, from posts ive read, the issue is not so much bandwidth, but with some kind of jitter on latency.)

    again, im happy to work around issues, and adopt a work flow that is reliable, and I do have pretty simple requirements... my only though really, is what do I need to make it work...
    (oh and also the fear you will release a TI3 at summer NAMM :))

    Thanks flabberbob, thats is an awesome reply, and really supplies the info I was looking for, giving me a good understanding of the issues that Ive seen mentioned on this site.


    VC starts the audio streams you configured even if you are using analog ouputs only. It simply sends silence over the USB,

    This seems like a bug... why would it send any data, if it knows no output is required (which is must, to have decided to send silence), is this something Access acknowledges as a bug, and is planning to fix?


    ... and the delay compensation causes the analog oupts to play too early.

    Ok, I assume this is if you are sending the midi from the DAW, and then using a separate audio interface to bring the output back from the access back into the DAW?
    (ie. the access plays the incoming midi too early because it assumes the delay compensation reported from the VC plugin will be applied to the output, but then that output is not delayed, as it coming thru a different interface)
    again, seems like a bit of bug, but surely the DAW should use the compensation of the incoming interface, rather than the VC outgoing midi - no?

    I assume this issue, does not occur when you dont use the VC plugin (as there is no VST audio stream)?

    do you need to use the VC plugin for midi over usb?


    you can configure how many return streams you want to use (between 1 and 3 stereo raw audio streams)

    ok, will have a look at this, as not sure when this is used ... splits and multi parts? so that you can then mix the level in the DAW?
    i assume you can set levels in the virus, in which case for my needs i can probably set to 1 stream.

    I can understand your first comment a bit better now, its sounds like generally, you have to see what problems you encounter in your workflow, with your tools
    and then try to find an acceptable solution/compromise... not really ideal, when your paying €2K on a new TI2

    not sure where this leaves me - better informed for sure, for which I thank you again,
    I'll have to have a deep think, and I guess decide how important the 'total integration' side is to me, i guess if its just 'a bonus' then its ok, but if its integral to my decision, then its a bit harder

    thanks again, much appreciated...

    thanks flabberbob for your comments...
    'suck it and see' is not really ideal, but seems that different people are experience different success rates i guess.

    Ive been reading alot on this board and seems to be a few main issues.
    a) syncing midi clock - affecting arps and start of recordings - due to latency.
    b) audio input /output

    im a bit at a loss, to why syncing issues would happen usb is pretty fast (even 1.0) , and clock syncs should are tiny data items, is this only occurring when USB is 'overloaded' with audio data? (i can't imagine midi data being too much) ... also id have though the clock sync signal was prioritized over other data to ensure timely delivery in overload situations.
    (im surprised at this, as I have an eigenharp pico, which sends lots of data over usb, and doesn't have any issues with my aging macbook pro)

    is using the TI as a external sound card ... for effects processing, i likely contributor to issues? i think this is something i can live without?
    also, taking TI output back into live via USB... again is this contributor to problems?

    I guess im ok, if i can setup the TI to be used for MIDI output as a master keyboard over USB, and to use VC via USB for control.
    (does VC/TI allow you to specify only midi and vs setup data to go over usb, and no audio data)
    and then potentially, buy an audio interface for audio back into live for recording.... i guess thats should be connected via thunderbolt (firewire adapter), so as not to introduce contention with internal ubs hub.

    finally, Ive not bought Live yet, so pretty open to another DAW, if there is something which is known to work much better... though i do like ableton's 'clip' feature.

    anybody, have any thoughts on what they key bed is like on the TI keyboard, I know its a light synth action, but does it have a good feel ? (what ever that means :))

    thanks again

    btw, looks like a great forum here, some really interesting posts ... its making me very keen to just go for it with a TI

    Im currently thinking about purchasing a new TI2 keyboard, for use with my iMac (the new thin 27")
    but im rather confused about the status of total integration, and the TI2 is it working or not?
    i want to it as a master keyboard, with abletone live 9 to control and record audio.

    what is the recommended setup, and limitations, do i need to buy separate midi box, and audio interface?

    is it documented how to set this up so it works, ie no sync issues , vst working seems very problematic reading this forum.

    i dont mind some limitations and work arounds but would like to know what they are in advance.

    thanks for any pointers